Men are trash?


This term “Men are trash”  I see it all over twitter, sometimes I even entertain the term I don’t even know why, because men are not trash. It’s so normalised now I see this one saying over 100 times a day tweeted by different people, what the fuck do you mean men are trash how please? What because YOU fucked around with a few boys and they fucked you over you feel the need to categorise a whole gender?!? Does that make sense or? I’m generally baffled.

So if men are trash then so are women, but then I bet ‘some’ of you will want to come back and argue “but women go through so much” and all that rubbish but do men not go through things as well?

The same men you call ‘TRASH’ aren’t these the same ones that you want to be spoiled by on Valentines day, Christmas or even your birthday? Or am I wrong? Wait don’t answer that I know I’m not wrong.

I think women should stop saying this and that about one gender and focus on your own, why would it bother you what these men do, you lot talk about these men as if their the only ones that do wrong. Men cheat so do women, Men lie and so do women, we’re all sneaky at what we do to be honest, and you think no one notices ( Laugh with me) we all notice.

Okay lets move on a little not of topic but just forward, I literally skimmed & scammed someone else’s views on this same topic, I actually cried myself to sleep over what I read, okay so apparently “Men are trash” because all there species do is “Rape, abuse, kill and patronise women” Sorry but what?? Can women not do the exact same, women can rape a man but its hardly heard of because these news outlets are so one sided, women can abuse a man physically mentally all of that, more mentally because some of the things I see some of you women come out with woah you make my brain spin sideways, women can do anything a man can do I mean ANYTHING. Whoever turned them 3 words into a movement I don’t know what was going in your head that’s just so weird, there’s bigger problems in the world then this.

My own words

Basically what I’m trying to say is you shouldn’t categorise one whole gender because a few males treated you bad, there are many good men out there, and you shouldn’t compare one gender to the other as different because theoretically speaking what a man can do so can a woman, except from give birth and all of that but you should know what I mean, a man can rape a woman, a woman can rape a man. Don’t be so narrow minded, follow your own mind and open your eyes to what the real world is showing you & you might just learn a thing or two. And literally whoever created them three words, your trash I don’t care you’re TRASH.

Teeks X

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