img_6256I’m going to be discussing someone very controversial throughout this blog and since I don’t want to be sued, for defamation of character throughout this blog we will refer to the alias as Ghost Wanks.

I didn’t know Ghost in person but I referred to him as a very good friend, not someone I just interacted with on the Twitter TL, but someone I spoke to, confided in and most importantly he was someone I trusted, you must be thinking “How can you trust someone you don’t know?” Personally, I felt good vibes towards him, he just seemed like someone who supported people endlessly, little did I know this would spin round and bite me back!

When the allegations first came out, I only saw a few tweets but I messaged him straight away, peep the message below (12th February 23:02)

img_6178img_6179Delusional I know, but I was only a few tweets in, I saw the whole Spotify thread and I called bullshit straight away, I don’t care about no verification tick, anyone can chat shit, Lord knows how wrong I was, I stayed silent on the TL for 3 days, I defended him to someone on the TL on the first day, after that I left it and scanned, I was waiting for his known friends to speak out first, I knew who he did and didn’t chat too, the wait didn’t take too long well 3 days, a lot of the tweets were entertaining then the truth started to evolve and develop, I had to kick myself and just wake up, I saw threads from his old friends surface and that’s when I figured out not every story needs two sides, it was very clear how many people he scammed, sweet talked, Ghost knows how to articulate what he says, he just makes everything he does believable, I never knew my eyes could become fumbled so quickly, people that thought they were friends with this scammer SPOKE, and that was the only evidence I needed. Two sides to every story? Fuck off. 

(17th February 13:28) I received a call from a number I didn’t recognise, missed it twice cause my phone is always on do not disturb, I called back since it was a bit weird someone having my number and I didn’t know about it, fast forward I called back and of course the scammer picked up, I heard him speak and instantly replied “what” he said he saw my message previously and it made him ‘think’ and that he was going to go live on Instagram live ( Remember this bit of information) I said you have 10 hours to go live and tell your story,  if nothing makes sense then we will no longer be friends. 

Bit contradictive Teeks, first there are not two sides, then you’re allowing him to speak…


So 8pm like he said he’d go live, this piece of shit couldn’t even stay on script, he went live at 8:08pm, a whole 8 minutes later. Ghost tweeted “Ghostbanks, 8pm my Instagram” Everyone saw his followers rack up, 300 followers in a few minutes, fucking ridiculous, when I tell you everyone was in that live, 4.3k +, I kid you the fuck not, he explained fuck all in two hours, nothing was addressed, the number of people that joined, left due to apparent bad connection, we all knew it was his connection moving all Higga hagga, we had a few known names in there, if you were active you’d know who I’m talking about, if you weren’t shamed on you. 

I must’ve seen like 5-6 people join that live with him, whether they were involved or asking clear questions so he could answer, no one was in their, longer than five minutes, how can my guy say ‘shut up’ when people were below typing? Make it make sense.

What was addressed: 




What wasn’t addressed: 


MDV ( Maniere De voir) ❌

Spotify ❌

Sterling Awards❌


As in he had small chat for a few, but he was stuttering everywhere, durag tied on wrong, fake MDV tracksuit on the live, mouth for some and not others, no remorse, just a guy that thinks he’s always fucking right. 

The lived ended around 10:30 (ish) from around 10:35pm (ish) onwards I joined around 5 more lives regarding the whole situation, twice throughout the live I messaged him “you’re actually taking the piss now” & “answer the questions you’re making this worst for yourself” he ignored all signs, ALL SIGNS WERE VOIDED. 

I rang him after the live on the trillionth number I had from him, I was livid, we were on the call for 30 minutes, I was angry but my voice didn’t show it, he said something along the lines off ‘See Teeks this is why I can talk to you because you’re not shouting’ lol who’s going to be shouting at minutes to midnight though?? 30 minutes of talking I cut him off, it was just a flurry of the same shit going around my head it didn’t help that he tried to call me out in that live either, it was getting me angrier, my final form of anger reached, I had to write a final message 


The final message.


Harsh or the honest truth? Who cares it’s sent now.

Now let’s get into some scandals…

Sauce control, someone explain to me what that platform was meant to be used for, because I was in sauce control for two days, not even that, that platform sunk quicker than the Titanic, I can’t even remember why I joined in the first place, I left because my blog was a priority and I’m not trying to build for someone else when they insinuated they had all the right resources, lol bye hun. 

‘SaUcE CoNtrOL’ what sauce was you meant to be controlling with your bought followers? 

Grenfell Tower, don’t piss me the fuck off, hopefully, everyone knows about Grenfell and what went on, the truth, the lies, if you don’t click here ‘The Grenfell Inferno‘ get familiar, Ghost Wanks supposedly wanted to put on a show and he stated that all proceedings would go to the Grenfell victims, nearly two years later WHERE IS THE MONEY THOUGH? Y’all he must’ve thought we forgot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Make it make sense Julian.

Ghost claimed to know all these big artists, he claimed they were all backing him with this, he definitely got gassed and went back to his sauce control team and told them all to create artwork for this event, told them all this tripe for the money to go walkabout? Right ok. 


The artwork is crisp, but deep what’s on it, I know damn well these artists didn’t agree to this, all those sponsors EVERYONE ACTIVE? How the fuck on God’s green earth did you manage to get a sports management company to support this? Mixtape madness? Next! The only sponsor that should be on there is ‘Sauce control’ God forbid

Now we all know that money got banked or he sent it back to someone that he owed money too, it’s the only way.

Either way that money did 100% did not go to where it was meant too. 

People died, kids, adults, families, that death count they keep trying to force on the public isn’t real no fucking way did only 72 people die. this was worldwide news for fuck sake the one night I’ll never forget (14th June 2017

Out of all the scandals that reached national news with Grenfell this one topped it all!


Regards to the Sauce Control team at the time, if I was you don’t feel disheartened because if a man like Ghost Wanks was telling me all these big names was going to be at a tribute concert, honest to God I would’ve jumped at the chance to be involved too, but like I said I wasn’t dropping my grind to help his.

MDV (Maniere De Voir)

Ghost Wanks has told so many separate stories about this brand, I’m surprised it didn’t come to light earlier, personally, he told me was CEO, he told others brand director/ creative director, like if you’re going to lie at least stick to one role, CEO or creative director, what do you draw or sew the garms together which one?



All this promotion for a company you don’t own, nor have any legal ties too, the cheek.


Who saw Reece Wabara (CEO of MDV) join the live? Cause I did, actually I’m sure everyone saw what he put too, and of course, wanks blocked him and then MDV’s account joined and told us Reece had been blocked, sticky one.


I don’t know how you can block the real CEO and thinking everything could carry on being cool, looooool are you a cunt?

How can you block someone because they said they’ve never affiliated with you before? Out here swiping businesses and claiming as your own, you sick bastard!

I really pray to the almighty God that MDV sue, the same way Mr Wanks thinks he can finesse money, MDV will put his account into minus figures.

MDV fully stated “Please remove our content from your highlights” This guy did a photoshoot with MDV clothes, real, fake most probably fake and posted it on his highlights as if he’s photography director, even did a whole competition??? And gave away ‘eXCluSIve’ clothing? Alright, hun.


Never been affiliated with you bro.


This text message is so fucking fake, if you associated with Ghost you’d know damn well my guy didn’t have just one number, not one, not two but THOUSANDS! This guy had so many fucking numbers, you were never a businessman, not even a trapper and his numbers changed like every few weeks, it’s very easy to fabricate a text message.


Spotify said they don’t know you bro

Spotify Curator?? They don’t know you bro




Austin Darbo- Head of music culture & editorial UK @Spotify don’t know you, bro.


The sterling awards in partnership with Youtube???? The first creatives award show??? Sounded believable right, black cards that can get you into any Ghost Wanks event? Seems certified, seems fuckinnn sick mate. anyways time to cut the bullshit.

Anyone got these? Everyone must have got these, the man was just sending designs everywhere.

Who got these photos as well? The house where the event was meant to be held, Wanks told me this is in London, where tho? My first guess was Hampstead Heath, it’s not Hampstead Heath, these pictures must be from right move located in Cheshire or something!

I got told so much about this event, caterers apparently costing £12k, what was they meant to be serving? Cavier and cream cheese, he was just announcing prices with all these K’s at the end, Wanks said ‘Black tie event’ Wanks said that every person invited had to have a date, and they were allowed 10 extra people as the entourage, the man said red carpet, photographers would be active, he was really selling this event, yet he said his team wasn’t up to par and wanted me to invest, straight up I said “nah man I’m good still’ me and money we don’t ramp bye man.


  I’m pretty sure this event was meant to have a launch party 31st December 2018, where’d that go? Ha, I didn’t forget.

Isn’t Sterling Awards meant to go live in Spring 2019? Ha I didn’t forget

In our last phone call, Wanks said he’s going to bring the ‘Sterling awards’ to America, sorry but when he announced that I was screaming, bro you got called out on Instagram live by various people, your comment section was doing skdidididipapapapap, you had smoke for some and not others, you can’t answer direct questions, you can’t sing or rap, so I don’t know where you found courage to give people advice on their music abilities, you know fuck all about the music industry here so Americans definitely won’t take you seriously, America has the Grammys, what the fuck is the sterling awards going to do? 


I don’t even need to talk on this one, we know damn well he ain’t partnered with Youtube.




Creatives…Whichever category you fall under…

Don’t let a guy with thousands of Twitter followers and only 59 followers on Spotify influence you how to share your creative journey, especially music this guy tried to hop on the same wave as some of you lot and he didn’t get far at all, working for Spotify fuck off, can’t come and embarrass a platform when your own shit ain’t doing numbers, wave-like me is either Autotuned to a T or he just woke up and started singing /rapping I don’t know what the fuck that was, I vibed to it when it came out I can’t lie but listen to it back a few times you should know what I mean. I mean all these followers, claiming you work for Spotify but your shit, you couldn’t promote your own music but you wanted to be out here creating playlists, fuck outta here man. I stopped debating with this guy on Twitter about music a long time ago, he just wouldn’t take any other opinion on board, I don’t like mixing with people too tough who think they’re always right, that’s not someone who I’d have critiquing my music freely and telling me how and where to promote my music, the numbers I was seeing for a quick promotion was crazy.


These prices are blown out of proportion, you see how everyone says ‘This London is so small’ or ‘The UK is so small’ if the UK is so small why are you going to someone to promote for you, surely if you believe in your own material you’d go to lengths to make sure your shit is POPPIN! Some of you see ‘Spotify’ and think just because it’s a huge platform the numbers will follow, you see radio and think worldwide, youtube and start thinking visuals, first of all, do your research, who’s paying for Spotify, unless you’re a premium customer, no one uses facebook who wants that apart of a package, you can pay for your own Instagram services, Twitter is powerful on it’s own, why would you pay for that? Promotions on Twitter 100% don’t work, I see people pay for them all the time expecting results, I see one retweet on promoted tweets all the time, it’s more powerful to send a Direct Message, retweeting is more powerful, simple like, we create our own timelines, what we choose to look at, reply back too, retweet and so on, you think I’d spend £1.5k on shit I can do myself?? Paying for all of this means you want to run to the top of your game before you’ve even started, you want fast results, fast results?? You’ll trip before you get to the top and that’s because you’ve found yourself sprinting before your time.

Ghost’s marketing strategies were ridiculous all he’d do is get people on the same level as followers as him, set a certain time for everyone to drop and that’d be it, marketing done, you’d literally get your music or whatever craft you have supported by other known Twitter bait heads…£500 if I vomit.

£1500 for promotions you can do on your own.


I’m not sorry but this shit ain’t believable, in realistic terms who is paying for an interview the public either like you or they don’t, who’s paying for a portfolio, paying for some anybody to promote on Instagram, who is promoting it, P. Diddy? Freestyle with mixtape madness? loooool comical, exclusive interviews Capital 1xtra as one??? Right, even the social marketing posts from ‘Imjustbait’ etc doesn’t make sense, why are you going through someone else to get someone else to post for you??? Logic just doesn’t seem correct.

Creatives you’re better than this! 


Mixtape madness? They don’t fuck with you and if they did they never will again.



Know who you’re fucking with, money is hard to come by, his name is literally Ghost Banks, his name finally makes sense, Ghosts then Banks your money.

I’ve had people in my DM’s, texting, calling me at ungodly hours, Godly hours asking me where he is, saying he’s putting the phone down


What’s this bro? 

Ghost called me one day talking about a Macbook and asked me if I wanted to purchase one for him on credit and he’ll send me the money, FAM WHY ASK ME TO PURCHASE SOMETHING ON CREDIT IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THE MONEY? That’s how I knew this guy has shit credit, I said straight up no, he was sending me to Apple’s website telling me what he wanted, that’s all dandy brudda but my credit ain’t gonna lack because of you.


Most of the message was on a phone call, that’s why I have hardly any more evidence to show, I would’ve called my phone provider to get the rest of the conversation but I don’t know which sim this was attached too and if you know me I had 6 other numbers, not to scam people though.


Ghost was always dealing with something, I ain’t going to disregard it, he probably was, probably laundering money about, probably to scam more people, my head would be hot too if people were ringing, texting me about things that have been promised and finalised when really all your doing is pocketing the money. 

In regards to this message how else was I meant to reply, I told him a few days before my mental health wasn’t at a good level, he told me to ring him I did, and a few minutes into the conversation I said I don’t want to talk about it anymore, deep this reply, my mental health was on the fucking ground.


Uneasy? Energy off, my energy ain’t going to be 1hunna.

Mental health is something I speak on all the time, he even spoke about it all the time, don’t offer a phone call if you’re going to make someone feel worse.

The Victims

I tried hard to get some legal advice, I was emailing companies back and forth for advice, thankfully one got back to me, the advice is free but of course, the fees for the court are not, it’s really up to you if you want to bring Mr Wanks to court or not, personally if you got scammed for 100s or even 1000s, if you have a mark on your account for him, I’d go court but fortunately in Ghost’s world he scammed me for a tenner which was meant to go towards Grenfell, but I didn’t send him anything I asked for receipts man was moving edgy.


No word of a lie, take action or this can happen again.

Can’t afford legal fees, I get it this shit ain’t cheap

Just share the blog, the more people that know, the fewer people he’ll fuck with!

Do you know how easy it is to change your name?

Change your appearance?

But guilt can never change who you are as a person.

His name ain’t even Ghost Wanks it’s Julian, how can you get ghost from Julian, letters ain’t even close in the alphabet.

How can I get Teeks from Tyr… At least my letters are the same, I didn’t go from T to Z.


Ghost’s time is up whether he likes it or not, he could’ve saved a bit of his sanity in that live if he just owned up to wrongdoings, but instead, he chose to lie more, lying is a choice no one forced him to lie like that, I always got told growing up “The truth might hurt but a lie hurts more” and it’s so fucking true, even if he told the truth he’s still lost everything, but at least you wouldn’t have so much guilt weighing in on you. 

I don’t understand how someone can be in the wrong but arguing with people on Instagram live at your big age of  23/24

I really hope whoever got victimized, used, scammed/frauded can finally open their eyes and eventually get some money back, looking back at all this evidence from here and the timeline, Wanks was shit at what he did, he believed his vision so much he made us believe it too, scroll up read all this information again, it actually makes 0 sense, well it makes sense cause I’m typing it but what he said actually didn’t make sense, break it down. 

We actually got duped, he articulates whatever he says so well, I ain’t gonna lie I believed it all too down to his last days when it all came alive on Twitter, 3 days of silence just watching and waiting.

Watching & waiting helped a lot, gather evidence, suck it all in and execute it.

I wish I spotted everything earlier, I wish I believed when everyone else did, the red flags were there nice and clear but I skrrrrred them.

No regrets though or this situation would’ve never come to light🌕

We live & Learn

No regrets

Teeks X



Back with another blog with a twist, I’ve decided I’m going to do a blog to help out the makeup amateurs, the ones in the middle and the highest up! And also you skincare lovers  I got products for you too.

Before we begin, I just want to let everyone know that this blog is for everyone, men/women every single shade of skin tone there is out there, men don’t be discouraged because even if you don’t wear makeup, your other half could,  sister, the mother even brother, I’m not a makeup professionalist and quite frankly wouldn’t want to be, but I’m learning and I want to bring everyone in, if you wanna save money buying products, then I can confirm you are at the right blog, wanna spend big amounts but still wanna have a lot to show for it? I can confirm you’re in good hands, either way, if you clicked this blog you’re at the right place.

Back in the day when I was in school I was so shit at makeup, and the products I used to use I thank God I didn’t get acne or any skin problems due to all the heavy shit I used to put on my face, been quite lucky to have skin with no issues, maybe a few marks here and there  and moles but nevertheless my skin is perfect, my undertones, everything is just good. 

From school to my now everyday life of me waking up early for work etc, I really don’t have time for makeup at all, and I’ll never understand how I had time for it back then.

Anyways enough chit chat, I’m purely writing a blog based around makeup & skincare because over the past two years I have been buying makeup consistently and I mean every month I’d spend around £150 – £200 on products, I’d constantly post what I ordered on my Snapchat and Instagram because I always get overly excited when an order for me comes through the post, except with Hermes I’ll find my parcel everywhere but my house, but that’s a conversation for another day… 

I always get questions on how I purchase items, where I buy, I get compliments on the stuff I buy THE STUFF I BUY not me personally, but all my palettes are bouji so the compliments are appreciated, I’ll be dropping links of the websites I use and the deals that are available, me? I love a sale but I don’t mind buying items full priced either. 

I’m one of those people that you’ll find on page 50 of google trying to find something new, or I’ll go through every website separately, I don’t buy items straight away because I know if I can get a better deal I will purchase it through them, but if there’s no free delivery after I’ve spent £50+ then soz hun I’ll stick with the more expensive price and free delivery, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. 

Let’s jump straight into it, so I really only shop off of two websites when I buy makeup which are: 

Beauty bay (SHOCK HORROR) 

Fragrance Direct 

I also shop in store but very rarely, I don’t really shop in store for anything unless I’m in a rush and need it ASAP, so the in-store shops I use is just the basics boots & super-drugs, super drugs is actually a scam, pick up 3 items and the cashier will calmly say £63.99, like sometimes I don’t even let them say the price or look at the till, Apple Pay comes out, quick tappity slap, grab my items and go, fuck the receipt. 


 How do you purchase your makeup? 

Very simply, I bulk buy from fragrance direct, things like foundation (Rimmel) Mascara (W7 or Rimmel) Bronzer, lip glosses

It seems crazy right, bulk buying makeup but it serves its purpose in the long run and I don’t do it often either because I expect my products to last very well. In my bulk buys depending on the deals I buy 10 Rimmel foundations, the Rimmel ones to me are my cheap go to makeup, if I have time before work I’ll slap it on, or even going out quickly, I buy 5 W7 or Rimmel mascara’s, and about five lipglosses all different shades, all in all I spend about £40 maybe a bit more because they don’t just sell makeup, they do fragrances, hair, body, face etc, you’ll sit there evaluating the price thinking why is it so cheap on here but expensive elsewhere, I can promise you it’s all real, just need to learn where and how to shop, if I can get something cheaper I will. 

Fragrance direct have so many deals, so many discount codes you can use on your order, you qualify for free delivery once you’ve spent over £20, they do amazing deals for example they do:

‘Buy any 5 and get the cheapest one free’

‘Buy 5 for 4’

‘Spend £50 and get 10% off’

Beauty bay is my top lover, that’s where all my big purchases end up being, I can buy palette after palette, make up brushes galore, but how do I really shop in beauty bay?? The question I love to answer, I go straight into makeup then into sets, honestly I don’t have time to be buying one lipgloss when I can buy the whole set, one highlighter when I can buy the whole collection, one brush, when I can buy a 25 piece set for £20, all this singular buying shopping in makeup is NOT for me, I really don’t have the time because I get frustrated so easily makes me want to scream sometimes, and I dip in and out of the outlet because you always find money off items you wanted for time but too stubborn to buy! There are so many products I’ve bought full priced then get an email the next day saying they’ve got 50% off, every time this happens I’m fuming because it happens every time I buy something, how coincidental❌

I feel the beauty bays pricing range is from affordable to OMG this shit is expensive! Sometimes I see products and I’m like ‘ew this stuff is cheap, do I really wanna put it on my face’ but I’m just ignorant as fuck, I buy some cheap ranges to test and try out but I can’t lie I give most of it away, mainly due to me not liking it, I give away makeup like I do sweets, joss take it and go aweh. 

Let’s be hella real, I give away expensive makeup away too, people are like “wHy DoN’t yOU JuST SEll iT” Personally I’m lazy I don’t have time nor patience to put listings up on eBay or Facebook, all people do on eBay is pree your product click the watch button to get you all hyped because you think someone is going to buy it, you get those cheap asses trying to get you to lower the price, bitch get your money up, Facebook I honestly do not have patience, so I’d rather give it away, I’ve given away Fenty Foundation, it was way too dark for my skin tone, when it oxidised and dried it was a wrap because it looked like I just returned from the Caribbean, I’ve given away Anatasia Beverley Hills eyebrow pomade, I simply got the wrong colour, Milani pomade, sigh that was also the wrong colour, can you see the pattern? Morphe eyeshadow kits, I really used to love morphe but the fall out is ridiculous and the palettes I had I really loved the colours to begin with then after a while I just stared at it for time, you know how you look at a photo before you upload it and after a while you’re like ‘NAH MAN’ that was me with morphe so I gave away like 3 big palettes and please I NEVER give away palettes with half of the product missing, I’m highly generous to what I give, but more time if I say do you want… Take it or it’ll sit on my makeup shelf for months.

Sigh, I’m getting tired of typing, bet Y’all are getting tired of reading eyy? Keep your eyes peeled because I’m about to drop some dope palettes, highlighters, lip glosses, one cheeky lipstick, skin care products, it finna be lit in this bihhh.

img_5599.jpgListen I queued up for three hours outside Harvey Nichols, 4 weeks after the launch date, I expected 0 queuing but there I was with my friend, out in the rain talking to random people giving each other motivation speeches saying we will get to the front, I got in before my friend, did I wait? Hell nah, I walked in without her, pretty much finished my purchase by the time she walked in, but I walked out with Fenty foundation (KMFT) and my number 1 lover Trophy wife highlighter, look at that sparkle! £28 was well worth my coins and even yours.

Beauty Bakerie all their products are the bomb, whoever is on the creative team just know you’re doing great hun, the packaging is ELITE! If you’ve never heard of beauty bakerie I suggest you learn today, this highlighter makes me shine like the star I am. Beauty Bakerie is highly inclusive, and also cruelty-free.

Beauty Bakerie Illuminator (Glistened) 

Beauty Bakerie blending eggs, as you can clearly see there are six blending eggs, one already used 📌 When I use any blending egg I wet them, then squeeze out the remaining water, leave it and watch it expand for two seconds, so much easier to use plus your face will be streak free and dewy.

In my opinion, these are 10X better than real techniques blending eggs, do the maths a 4 pack of real technique eggs are £18, but beauty bakerie have 6, cheaper price, the packaging is very enticing.

Blending Eggs RRP £16.50 

Beauty Bakerie Lip scrub, Highly recommended! It’s edible literally taste so so good, I put this on when I’m fresh out the shower waking up or going to sleep, only use a little bit on the tip on my finger and rub it into my lips, usually in a circular motion, it removes dead skin cells or even wear it before you apply any lip products it will prolong wear time.

Lip Scrub £10


So I have all three of the colour Theory forty-two shade palettes, they’re all beautiful in their own way, you see me I love shimmers and each palette I got has at least 5- 10 shimmers in.

There’s also a going out-out palette

All the 42 shade palettes are £25 each, I bought all mine full price then a few weeks later they went down to £17.50 so if you want one with a lower price just keep checking in and out and I promise you, your time will come. If you’re impatient like me and want to try it out ASAP purchase it and give me your review because I promise you this will be one of your best palettes. 

Each palette has a different name:







Going out out 

If you’re not a bad bitch already like moi, the going out-out palette will make you that bitch! Turn yo self into thotiana!


Y’all think I’m done with Beauty Bay hell no, Beauty Bay X Jordan Lipscombe, that’s what you call a COLLABORATION!

I couldn’t help myself I bought the whole set (three palettes) for £30 on sale, what a bargain, normally they’re £50 for three or £20 for one. 

Let’s have a look at these lil palettes then:

I’m still yet to try these shades but I’ve swatched some of the colours I know this will be a palette I’ll use then give away because some of the colours I’m not sure if they’ll go nicely with my skin tone, but I can always try so who knows this could be a keep or flog.

Okay, let’s swiftly move on…


Anastasia Beverley Hill Glow Kit £46

This isn’t a cheap palette to me rather expensive I gripped my chest confirming the purchase with this included, but the metallic glow shades make my face every time I apply this, especially with the natural glow of sunlight gleaming through your window, I apply this on my cheekbones or when I get carried away all over my body, I honestly don’t have a favourite shade, the fall out of this palette is something else I always feel like I’m cleaning around it. Besides the pigments are so strong, the colours can certainly suit all skin tones no cap.

Is that Jeffree star? It is indeed! If you know the history behind Jeffree then you probably sighed at seeing his highlighter, is Jeffree he/she I don’t know, doesn’t even identify as a gender, the main matter is Jeffree is known for racism towards the black community, How did I know this my best friend told me as she bought me this for my 19th birthday, I’ve done little research here and there but I can’t excuse the fact that the makeup line is FIRE! This highlight compliments my skin so well, there are so many makeup brands that are racist yet we still wear them, will I buy Jeffree Star? Yeah, I would, his whole beauty line bangs.

Skin Frost – Sarcophagus: Currently sold out 


101% I’m obsessed with highlighters, anything to make my skin glow! This is the Zoeva plasir spice of life highlight set, you see how I say SET a lot, I ain’t no singular buying regular shmegular female, take my coins have them! 

Fun fact: I thought zoeva was Zoella’s brand right at the start, they both start with Zoe, easy mistake❌


I don’t like zoella at all, buy me zoella makeup I will sell it on eBay same day, whoever buys it from me I promise you boo boo you’ll get that shit same day if anyone saw Zoella’s advent calendar yeah, kmt that shit was AWFUL, stick to being a Youtuber love, don’t come and ruin the makeup industry.


ZOEVA plasir Highlight set spice of life edition – £31


The palettes I was in love with Juvia Place, the packaging, art, colours everything is perfect with these palettes, they’re cheap as well, between £20 – £30 you can clearly tell which palettes I’ve touched and haven’t😂😂 I’ve really abandoned these.

I only have five palettes which are:

The Zulu by Juvia’s £20

The Douce By Juvia’s £20

The Festival by Juvia’s £20

The Saharian II by Juvia’s £20

The masquerade mini by Juvia’s £30

Sunkissed shimmer, this shimmer will knock you the fuck out, you and the sun would end up competing with who’s brighter, but the price is a sweet one.

Sunkissed shimmer £2.99

Revolution, the copycats of the makeup game, Y’all ain’t slick at all. 

I decided to try the revolution liquid highlighter before I bought the cover FX one, of course, the two highlighters look exactly the same, but clearly, ones cheaper I tried this one, the texture is complete bollocks, I literally gave two away straight away, that’s why sometimes I don’t like buying cheap makeup, this stuff didn’t even get a chance to touch my face, quick squirt on my hand little rub in, analysed it “nah ain’t for me still”  

Revolution Liquid Highlighter £6

I love a good lip gloss, especially if it shimmers, shit I just love to sparkle, Ashely Tisdale has her own range of lip gloss, as in sharpay from High school musical she did that, these lipgloss tints are dreamy. 

Illuminate by Ashely Tisdale Enhancing Lip Gloss £2.70 

Shout out my one of my best friends for buying this for me, 25/12/18 from this day forward my lips just looked like sex, this isn’t lip topper you can let any man kiss off have some respect for the expense on your lips.

Rose gold collection long wear lip topper molten gold £13.50

The balm – Plump your pucker 

The set I bought is no longer available on beauty bay and did you see that SET, anyways long story short I believe I purchased these before Christmas, I really needed some lip glosses I DIDN’T REALISE THEY WERE LITERALLY LIP PLUMPERS. it’s literally in the name but when they arrived at my ‘house’ or did they, Hermes?  When they arrived I wore one of them and my lips started tingling I was like “Ight den this is weird lipgloss” until I checked the packaging, I don’t know how I didn’t realise because it even says, another dumb Teeks moment.

My lips are big enough for me, all that unnecessary tingling ain’t for me.

They have nice shades though, they have singular ones on beauty bay.

Plump your pucker £6.50


L.A Girl gloss topper £5

I saw this before I completed my order and grabbed it, I love it, keeps your lips moisturized too.

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I’m sure you can exactly see what this is, if you can’t it’s a penis lipstick, the veins, tip everything, I never bought this the same best friend that I’ve mentioned she bought it, I think I got this on the 18th birthday so nearly 3 years ago, I haven’t used it, it’s too beautiful to look at, I’m not sure on pricing but feel free to get your own.

These are the foundations I use including Rimmel Perfect Match and of course I use L.A girl concealer.

Makeup forever is my expensive foundation (R530) as in I went to get a colour match, as in I went all the way to Westfield white city for colour match, then smoked a joint after because that was hard work, this oxidises so well on my skin, you only really need about 4 drops on a wet beauty blender, it blends well, no streaks after, perfection.

L.A Girl pro coverage (Toast & Warm Caramel) I’ve only used it about five times, I got two different colours as I have yellow undertones, it works let me tell you that for free.

Rimmel perfect match foundation (Deep Mocha) I use this foundation just for work or if I’m going somewhere very quickly, this also works but I find I have to set it very well or I just see prints on my clothes, most of my clothes are FUCKING WHITE, do you see the problem? 

L.A pro concealer(Fawn) Whoever created these congratulations one of the only concealers I’ve used and now I don’t even want to try any other brands.

Makeup forever ‘Matte velvet’ £31

Pro coverage HD long wear illuminating liquid foundation £10

Rimmel Match perfect foundation  £4.49

L.A Girl PRO conceal HD £5


Mario Badescu I love this brand, I’m saying I love the whole brand as if I’ve purchased everything from here just the facial mists that rejuvenate my face after each spray, just purchase the 236ml bottle.  

Revolution, I needed something quick but it works!

Mario Badescu facial spray £7-£11

Revolution Hydraulic fixing spray £6

Sascha Buttercup Setting Powder £24.95

One of the best setting powders EVER! Well worth your money.


Let me emphasise something I buy brushes in SETS not singulars I don’t have time to scan every single brand and why would you buy a singular brush when you can buy a whole SET for a singular brush price If I vomit.

The brush sets I have:

Glam her booth Gold/Black oval set £25

BH cosmetics rose gold brush set £32

Beauty Bay rose gold glam 18 piece set with stand £39

Morphe set 700 8 piece candy apple  £12


I only use 2-4 skin products on my face purely because I don’t have time for a breakout, the only time I break out is my womanly once a month twelve times a year where women get punished for not being pregnant unless you are🤷‍♀️ 

The Ordinary, cheap, affordable and helpful towards your skin, once you use them you won’t look back!


My mum went away and came back with this, Lucky enough I realised they sold it here in the UK, I’ve used this so many times whenever a spot appears and it literally washes off your spots or will smooth them down. This is a wash of face mask and not peel off I put it on and leave it on for hours because more time I’m not ready to wash it off yet or things get in the way, but my face feels smooth as a babies bum when it’s all washed off.

Babaria Mascarilla Negra Detoxifying facial £5.99


MY TEETH MY TEETH, I LOVE THEM! You only get one set of teeth, some of you really abuse your teeth by getting veneers at such young ages but whats my own, I love brushing my teeth and of course my tongue but I more time end up choking, these teeth whitening charcoal is just the greatest, I brush my teeth first with normal toothpaste normally just Colgate or Sensodyne and then I do my charcoal brush after I have a separate toothbrush for this, it was recommended and it was only 99p from Superdrug.

Activated charcoal whitening powder £9.95

Final words:

Finally, I’ve come to the end of another blog, hopefully, this is informative and it literally shows it’s not that expensive to have the best makeup or to look after your skin, beauty bay & fragrance direct are honestly my plugs for everything, please I even have beauty bay on WhatsApp so when anything drops I know about it straight away, if you find yourself obsessively ordering from beauty bay then get an account and join TRIBE for discounts and save points then use them to purchase something that tickles your fancy.

Every month I say I’m going to stop building my makeup so I can focus on other things that I want which I will but it’s so hard because I want everything on THAT FUCKING WEBSITE, do you see my problem? Real talk though 1/3/19 I’m going to stop buying makeup so I can refocus on buying shoes and clothes, this summer I wanna be on dRiP. 

Might even do a makeup giveaway soon.

I hope everyone that asks me questions day in day out finally has their answers to how I shop!

Any other questions, feel free to comment below or message me on either one of my platforms.

Until next time