Caribbeans Vs. Africans


If your on Twitter and follow the right people no doubt you would’ve seen the argument between the two major black communities, the Africans and Caribbeans it happened nearly two weeks ago now, to be honest there’s always been conflict between them, these communities will never and I mean NEVER be the best of friends. Sad really as we’re all black all went through the same slavery you lot talk about most of the time.

Anyways if you haven’t figured by now I’m Caribbean, I’m from Grenada, Barbados and Guyana, and yes Guyana is part of the Caribbean don’t tell me otherwise it might be located in South America but until you do your research I don’t want to hear it. I’ll rep the Caribbean till the day I die, the culture, the people I love it whole heartedly, wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else to be honest, when I go back to one of my islands I automatically say “I’m going back home” because that’s where my home is, this England might be born and bred here but this culture where you celebrate the queen, not my portion mate.

So anyhow I was causally in the car back from London, hadn’t been on Twitter all day open the app now BOOM SHACKALAKA the black community were going off, it’s like everyone ate a bowl of bitch flakes and started corning each other left, right and centre so before I put my two pence in I had to find the original tweet that someone off, and the tweet said something along the lines of “Do Caribbean people have hall parties” and then someone replied saying “What do they wear? Batty riders” something like that, in my head that’s rude not just rude fucking rude.

Okay moving on a little, not moving on all the way I’ll sum all of this up properly at the end, but I heard another comment “Carnival isn’t influenced by Caribbean people” okay before I jumped the gun I did research and went back to the person, I ready knew it was Caribbean influenced but for the mood I was in I wasn’t ready for an argument, the exact quote I found said “South America and the Caribbean are the places where traditions finally met” Take that however you want but it’s a Caribbean celebration that has now been spread worldwide, by all means come down and celebrate the day with us but before you bash us remember who’s celebration your at. If you want to come at me and say ” Your wrong, you don’t know what your talking about” Go do your research, I know my own culture you can’t tell me different to be honest, you can further educate me but that’s about it.

Then I saw another tweet “We’re all black anyways” so if we’re all black why was there an argument, yes our culture, music, food may be different, but our colour is all the same , different shades but we’re all black or am I wrong? Really I just think some people need to be slapped across the face with a brick. Education in this England is FREE, looking up history on another culture is FREE, opening up your wayward mind is FREE. I can admit things I said shouldn’t of been said but anyone being angry when their culture is being slandered on you would react as well, if you have me on Snapchat you would’ve seen what I posted, I bounced of other people’s tweets, half of the things I said was true but the rest I was creasing to myself because I found it funny.

Back to back now I love the African culture, some of the food I’ve seen though ‘Spaghetti & Strawberries’ or ‘Banana & Rice’ yeah let me not comment on that still but then I know today or some today I’ll hear “But that’s what Somalis eat, we don’t claim Somalia” Well let me tell you now, Somalia is part of Africa claim your people. I have African friends so I’m not going to be out here bashing the culture, the clothes you lot wear for your hall parties never seen such good creativity, your music love it, the only food I really like is Nigerian Jollof rice, when that rice sweeps my tongue it’s like heaven.

Words of my own

I didn’t write this to bash anyone, I was going to do that at the beginning and just bash every single person in the process, but I’m mature so I’m keeping it 100, at the beginning I found it amusing because normally Caribbeans we keep it 100 on the Tl and if anyone bashes us we turn a blind eye, but I think on that day it really did get too much mostly because there are parts of our culture you don’t know about, we don’t publicise all our events 24/7 on the TL, the only thing I see being talked about is carnival obviously because it’s the biggest event of the year. To be honest on the TL both communities looked dumb can you imagine what the other communities must of been saying, normally our community for one all gets along there might be a slight bit of aggro here and there but that’s lamron<<<< try figure that word out. 

I just think it’s funny how we want all these movements like ( I’m black I matter or black lives matter) to work yet we’re at each others throats over minor things. we as a community get targeted enough as it is, and all of this just made things even worse, we have bigger problems like black on black crime, gangs, random police checks, racism and more to worry about, we’re getting at each other over our culture bit of a low blow in my eyes.

This so called event we are all waiting for ‘Nottinghill Carnival’ which for those of you that don’t know falls at the end of august, what’s the one rumour we hear every year “Carnival is getting cancelled this year” Every year I hear or see the same six words and I won’t be surprised if they do lock off the whole event it gets ruined every year, people always rolling with a weapon, why can’t people learn just to have fun without destroying someone’s life, thinking of bringing a weapon this year stay home.

This is a failing generation if people don’t fix their corrupt mentalities.

All I’m trying to say is their our bigger issues to worry about, staying alive is already a mission. Having these petty arguments over culture like get a life, rather then working against each other sometimes drop your uptight pride and work together. If you read my previous blog ‘We’re all different’ you would at least understand where I’m coming from I specifically said ” no race is more better then one, no ethnicity is more powerful, no colour is more superior then the other” I mean’t that sometimes get your head out your ass and look further on.

We’re all black, we all have melanin, we might be different shades but we’re one, we should stand in unity and address bigger issues. 

I’m not even going to give a release date for my next blog as I’m 7 days late releasing this one plus this took me all day to write, I don’t write things like this without facts especially as it’s so controversial I spent two hours finding information, but if anyone want’s to further educate me come at me with all the history books in the library. 

I’m out until next time.

Teeks X

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