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    22 чєαrs 

ι вlog aвoυт varιoυѕ aмoυnт of topics, please feel free to ѕυggeѕт new тopιcѕ тo мe aѕ ιм very open тo learnιng aвoυт new тopιcѕ aѕwell aѕ wrιтιng тнeм.

ι вelιeve ι вlog dιғғerenт тo everyone, ιт‘ѕ lιĸe ιм тнere wιтн yoυ вυт yoυ can‘т ѕee мe

єducαtíng чσu, tσ єducαtє mє

2 thoughts on “TEEKS THE BLOGGER”

  1. hi teeks, I just discovered your blog and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to start a blog, how you choose topics, how often you post and so on. thanks x

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    1. Hey Zee, my first tip would to build your social media presence let people know who you are, talk about things you’re passionate about, find your target audience if you have one, I post up to 2 times a month, around 9/10am as I found out that’s when most of my traffic comes in, I let my twitter followers choose what I write by doing polls every so often, hope this helps x


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