Breast Cancer Awareness.


The tenth month of the year has flown around ever so quickly, and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month here in the UK (Wear Pink) 

The pink ribbon is an international ribbon which symbolises Breast Cancer and also identifies the wearers and promoters of the breast cancer brand.

This topic is so evidently important and I’m so for spreading awareness on as many topics as I can and this one really stood out, as Cancer can really attack or take anyone in the blink of an eye but besides from that, in my opinion, it’s a really interesting topic, I would love to talk about all types of cancer and one day I really will, but for now I’ll stick with Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK, most women can get breast cancer over the age of 50, but some younger women can receive it as well, but men beware you can also get it too, increasingly rare disease, less than 1%  (2,550) of men in the UK are expected to be diagnosed in the UK, also for men the lifetime risk of being diagnosed is 1 in 1000.  Men can form breast cancer in the small amount of breast tissue behind their nipple, it usually occurs in men over sixty but can occur in an earlier period of life.

From the 2016 UK census, it was revealed 65.64 million people lived in the UK, yet 32 million of them are men, considering statistics men receiving breast cancer is extremely rare, but rare doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

However, the 2016 census reveals there are 33 million women in the UK, which there are 1.68 million in the UK alone diagnosed with breast cancer.

Only 2,100 men are diagnosed with breast cancer in the USA each year, with a population of 325.7 million, comparing these figures it’s a very slim amount although it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

About 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. In 2018, an estimated 266,120 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, it’s curable if it’s detected early. 

Please, Please Ladies and Gentlemen please check your breasts, anything that is a red flag then I urge you to get seen by a health specialist at your earliest convenience, it could save your life. 

For those of you who don’t know the sign or symptoms carry on reading, save your life or even someone else’s.

Symptoms of men’s breast cancer:

  • A lump in the breast, normally hard, doesn’t move and painless 
  • Inverted Nipple
  • Nipple Discharge could be blood
  • A sore or rash around the nipple that doesn’t go away
  • Swollen glands 
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Itchy skin with yellowing of the skin and eyes (Jaundice)


Symptoms of women’s breast cancer:

  • A new lump or thickened tissue that wasn’t there before
  • Change of breast sizes in one or two breasts
  • Bloodstained discharge
  • Lump or swelling in your armpits
  • Dimpling on the skin of breasts
  • Rash around the nipple


Men and women’s symptoms are fairly similar, unlike women, men tend to delay going to the GP, by that time cancer could’ve spread. 

Health is not valued, till sickness comes

Woman cancer survival rate:

Stage zero: Cancer has been diagnosed early. (100% survival rate)

Stage one: Stage one is highly treatable, however, it needs immediate attention, typically surgery or radiation or in some cases both. (100% survival rate)

Stage two: Stage two means it’s growing however it’s still contained in the breast or the growth has extended to the nearby lymph nodes, stage two is normally divided by 2a & 2b, the difference is determined by the growth of a tumour and if it’s extended to the lymph nodes. (93% survival rate)

Stage Three: Cancer has not spread to bones or organs, but it’s seen as advanced (72% survival rate)

Stage Three A: Cancer has been found in up to nine of the lymph nodes. 


Stage Three B: Tumor has spread into the chest wall and skin.

Stage Three C: Cancer has been found in up to ten lymph nodes above or below your collarbone.

Stage Four: Breast cancer cells have spread beyond the breast and lymph nodes, most common sites are in the liver, lungs and brain. (22% survival rate)

The five-year survival rate shows you can live on much longer depending on how early you get it diagnosed, it all depends on the stage of diagnosis.

The staging process is exactly the same in men and women except the men’s survival rate is five years higher than women.


The causes of cancer are not fully understood, nowadays the media, health professionalists will drill into your mind that anything can cause cancer, for example, eating bacon can now increase breast cancer, pollution can cause cancer, this world is so toxic finding purity is a journey within itself.

However, there are risk factors known to affect your likelihood of developing breast cancer, some of these things you, unfortunately, can’t change, for example, age, our ages change every year and we change every day, our bodies never stop working it’s a 24/7 system no days off, all women between the ages of 50-70 should be screened every three years with the NHS screening program. Women over 70 are still eligible and should arrange an appointment through their GP.

If you’ve had close relatives (Mother, sister) that have had breast cancer or ovarian cancer, and were both under the age of 50, you may be eligible to receive screening as you’ll be at a high risk.

If you’ve previously had breast cancer or invasive cancer cells, you have a higher risk of developing it again either in your opposite breast or the same one.

The female hormone oestrogen can sometimes stimulate breast cancer cells to grow.

Research has shown that women who use the contraceptive pill have a slightly increased risk of developing breast cancer, however, the risk will decrease once you stop taking the pill and will go back to normal ten years after you stop.

Being overweight or obese can also increase the risk of having breast cancer when you start menopause the amount of oestrogen in your body can increase.

Drinking alcohol can increase with the amount of alcohol you drink per day, research shows that for every 200 women who drink 2 glasses of alcoholic beverage per day, there are three more women with breast cancer compared with women who don’t drink at all.

And lastly, radiation some surgical appliances can cause an increase in breast cancer, Ladies may I urge you to stop putting your phone in your bra, I agree it’s extremely comfortable, but the amount of heat your phone gives off is disgusting, and also don’t put your phones under your pillows while you sleep, it’s so incredibly dangerous.

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in

Main Treatments for breast cancer:

  • Surgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Biological Therapy

You could have a combination of treatments depending on what stage you are at within cancer.

Personally, I’ve had breast cancer scares, where I’d feel my breasts and would find a lump, thankfully I never had it, my beast lump was called benign which is a non-cancerous lump, mine was pretty big which was why it scared me and it was also painful, I got put on antibiotics and it went down, I got told that if the lump didn’t decrease I would have to have the lump drained which meant small surgery which I was not here for at all, I don’t like needles, I don’t like going under general anaesthesia, but of course if it was about to save my life I would just have too.


  • Over 99% of new cases of breast cancer are in women
  • More than over 80% of breast cancer occurs in women over 50
  • Around 5% of breast cancer is inherited by a faulty gene called BRCA1 or BRCA2
  • One person is diagnosed every 10 minutes
  • 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime
  • within breast cancer awareness month, around 5000 people will be diagnosed
  • Breast cancer survival is improving 
  • Almost 9 in 10 women survive breast cancer for five years or more 
  • Every year around 11,500 die from breast cancer
  • Around 2,200 women aged 39 or below are diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Breast cancer in men is very rare with around 370 new cases each year
  • A predicted 691,000 are alive in the UK after a diagnosis, this is predicted to reach 840,000 in 2020

There’s so much more to learn about breast cancer and I advise you to keep learning about this topic, I have a lot to say on cancer and I will write about that another day, don’t care about breast cancer for one month care about it all year round, awareness months are great and all but people tend to care for a few days then forget, I love people who spread awareness all year round, donate and continue to be educated.

Breast cancer or any type of cancer diagnosis is a lot to take in, I pray for anyone who is reading this blog that no one ever receives Cancer but we also need to remember that this is reality and cancer can really take anyone, but I believe in my heart that anyone who can find strength can fight it off.

To my fighters keep on fighting, use every ounce of strength you have, you will make it, fight cancer, don’t let cancer beat you.

To my survivors, praise to you and the most high up!

⇒ Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible⇐


Teeks X


You hurt me.

5ef3a7081edfd4b13eea53b1df62318e--drawing-art-drawing-ideasYou hurt me. 

One thing I always get asked/told  ‘why don’t you have a man’ or ‘you don’t seem like the type who would be in a relationship’

He hurt me, physically, mentally, emotionally, he said he loved me, and of course I believed him, he said he wanted me to be apart of his future, I believed him, he was so nice and caring at the beginning and then things started to take a dramatic turn downhill.

I started drinking enjoying my days of being a teenager, he didn’t like it, in fact, he hated it and started to resent me, told me I was an alcoholic, started torturing my mind, spitting vile poison in me, and then the next day a whole ME would apologise for being myself enjoying, he didn’t like me having fun, he just wanted me around him all the time, didn’t want me talking to anyone else, I was simply being me, but my alcohol days got worse and worse, a couple of drinks before bed, partying more, all he saw was red, but I don’t know why.

He hurt me physically, mentally and emotionally.

But I became stronger, I found the courage within myself to leave, I know what he was doing wasn’t right, but what made me stay? I loved him, head over heels, but it wasn’t healthy I needed to get out.

I got out and kept on drinking, it made me feel better, but also worse I was getting ill but I blocked it out.

Another one used and abused me, he wouldn’t get off, I kept on saying “no please get of off me” my words were slurring, my vision was oh so blurry, but it happened, he left the room and I wanted to get away but I couldn’t my body was weak so I stayed, he came back and did it again. I wanted to scream but who would’ve heard me?

He took me for a mug, he said he loved me but loved someone else, it hurt so so much, but I was sort of getting used to the same treatment, being used and abused, my heart used to be so full of love now it’s half empty, full of regret why did I let these vicious people enter my life, but then again true colours never show at the start, always near to the end.

We were talking for a year, everyday phone-calls, everyday FaceTimes, meeting up, opening up to each other telling small details that meant a lot, telling each other things that no one else knew, putting each other as top priorities, but well guess what that one spiralled completely out of control, we had feelings for each other, we were doing so well, but he kept on breaking promises, promises is one thing I don’t FUCK WITH, I hate promises completely, but I gave him an ounce of my trust and where did the trust end up going, out of the fucking window. He claimed me when it suited him best.

I always give my all when I’m with someone, and as time goes by it just starts to be a waste of time, I fall hard and can never seem to shake it off, it’s annoying, irritating why do these traits follow me around like a lost dog? Why me? What have I done that was so wrong? I try my best and always get a fat F planted on my heart, do I love too hard? Do I give in easily to what they want? I’ve never been able to work it out.

Maybe I do chat to a few people here and there but really I don’t think anything amazing to come out of it, I don’t ever paint people with the same brush but I’m highly cautious now on who I involve myself with, but no matter how much I try to protect myself something always comes along and ruins it.

None of them realised the later effects it had on me, I’m reserved, it may not seem like it but I am.

I’m not saying I’m perfect, because I’m certainly not and don’t ever plan to be, I probably did trigger some of these, but who knows I’ll never know, and quite honestly I don’t want to know, it’s in the past and I’m now living in the present.

Does this answer your questions? My truth, some of my life out in the open, the disgusting people that have come and done this, I don’t like opening up to people because I tell someone and laugh about it, not because it’s funny but more of a nervous laugh to hold back the tears, I don’t like tears escaping because once one trickles down my cheek there’s no stopping, I come across fearless my comebacks to everything is strong, a cry every now and again is good but I simply just don’t like crying, I don’t like sympathy at all. I love loving people, and sometimes it’s too much for my own good.

I tell people I love them and they think I’m crazy, screaming “you don’t know me like that b” “we’ve just met” blah blah blah, sometimes it’s just your vibe I like, if we can’t vibe then sorry, the connection has failed.

All I hear is ‘you chat to so many men’ I don’t understand what point some of you are trying to make, I’m obliged to talk to whoever I want.

But recently I’ve stepped back a lot, I don’t talk to anyone because that means I have to open up it takes me a lot a LOT to just tell someone things about me, I’ll flip the script and will want to hear about your life, I’ll ignore you when you ask about mine, it’s just normal now.

Words from me!

Yes this is about me, but I decided to share this because I’m done suffering in silence and keep getting asked constant questions, I know there are a million of other people where things like this have happened to them, it’s sad to think other people go through this, but it’s also to scream and shout awareness that you’re not suffering alone whether you’re a woman/man. There are about 5 stories mixed into this but there are separate people involved, some of them are very minor but some are serious. I’ve spoken about some of these situations with ‘friends’ they didn’t even care one ounce, but that’s okay because I sent them on their way.

If you’re getting abused, physically, mentally, emotionally then speak out!

I will always use my platform to spread awareness or for my controversial topics.

It doesn’t matter what age, gender, the colour you are, if something is not right within your relationship, situationship or friendship speak out, we have freedom of speech use it!

I simply haven’t had a man for a long time because I’m scared of who’s entering my life, I’m scared what they’ll do, are their intentions as true as they’ll say, do they want me or my body? Do they want to love or lust? Do they want my heart? Have I done something? My mind is never ending thoughts, but that’s okay I’ll rather have thoughts then being thoughtless.

This is what happens at 2am in the morning when I’m overthinking or thinking about the past I feel to write, it’s so much easier to get my thoughts out by typing them down, this has been stacked in my notes for a while now and I’ve just always scrolled past not knowing whether I should release or hold back, but here I am about to click ‘publish’.

“Controllers, abusers & manipulative people don’t question themselves. They don’t ask if the problem is them. They always say the problem is someone else.” – Darlene Quimet

Thank you to everyone that continues to read and gives feedback, highly appreciated!

Teeks X

Men are trash?


This term “Men are trash”  I see it all over twitter, sometimes I even entertain the term I don’t even know why, because men are not trash. It’s so normalised now I see this one saying over 100 times a day tweeted by different people, what the fuck do you mean men are trash how please? What because YOU fucked around with a few boys and they fucked you over you feel the need to categorise a whole gender?!? Does that make sense or? I’m generally baffled.

So if men are trash then so are women, but then I bet ‘some’ of you will want to come back and argue “but women go through so much” and all that rubbish but do men not go through things as well?

The same men you call ‘TRASH’ aren’t these the same ones that you want to be spoiled by on Valentines day, Christmas or even your birthday? Or am I wrong? Wait don’t answer that I know I’m not wrong.

I think women should stop saying this and that about one gender and focus on your own, why would it bother you what these men do, you lot talk about these men as if their the only ones that do wrong. Men cheat so do women, Men lie and so do women, we’re all sneaky at what we do to be honest, and you think no one notices ( Laugh with me) we all notice.

Okay lets move on a little not of topic but just forward, I literally skimmed & scammed someone else’s views on this same topic, I actually cried myself to sleep over what I read, okay so apparently “Men are trash” because all there species do is “Rape, abuse, kill and patronise women” Sorry but what?? Can women not do the exact same, women can rape a man but its hardly heard of because these news outlets are so one sided, women can abuse a man physically mentally all of that, more mentally because some of the things I see some of you women come out with woah you make my brain spin sideways, women can do anything a man can do I mean ANYTHING. Whoever turned them 3 words into a movement I don’t know what was going in your head that’s just so weird, there’s bigger problems in the world then this.

My own words

Basically what I’m trying to say is you shouldn’t categorise one whole gender because a few males treated you bad, there are many good men out there, and you shouldn’t compare one gender to the other as different because theoretically speaking what a man can do so can a woman, except from give birth and all of that but you should know what I mean, a man can rape a woman, a woman can rape a man. Don’t be so narrow minded, follow your own mind and open your eyes to what the real world is showing you & you might just learn a thing or two. And literally whoever created them three words, your trash I don’t care you’re TRASH.

Teeks X