The McCann’s


May 3rd, 2007 a little girl named Madeline McCann aged just 3 years old went missing, 10 years on nowhere to be found.

I would love to say everyone must know this story as it’s literally publicized every single day in the news, papers, social media and all of the rest, but quite a few people don’t know the story especially if you’re not from the U.K or even Europe.

A small update for those of you that don’t know the story, but as I said, Madeline McCann was 3 when she went missing, she was on holiday with her parents Gerry and Kate McCann, sister, and brother who are twins, her parent’s friends, and their kids. The story sounds normal right…yeah about that so her parent’s and their friends left the hotel room to go out and have a meal, without their children.

One thing that I found interesting is that one newspaper said ” The most heavily reported missing person case in modern history”

What I don’t understand is why is this child so overly important?

There are over 140,000 kids that go missing each year if I could capitalize numbers that number would be big and bold. I honestly think it’s all down to money since this one family have literally rinsed their savings by putting money into the case and then want to come along and rinse our money as in the taxpayers, personally, I don’t pay taxes but my parents do and so do millions of other people and I would hate it for someone to work so hard for their money and next thing you know it vanishes into thin air on a case that should clearly be closed. Till this day whereabouts are still unknown…all this money and all they can say are unknown.

If anyone watches the news in detail or reads the newspapers even though half the time they chat shit or just write garbage, you would’ve seen the article publicized on ‘ The Telegraph’ August 4th, 2008 where both the parents were practically interrogated for 11 hours, they were asked 48 questions and 48 of them they magically couldn’t answer for why I have no clue, I’m going to pick a few questions they got asked and answer them myself.

  • Why did you say from the start that Madeline had been abducted?

Okay I sort of understand why they said ‘abducted’ straight away because when you come back in from being out you’d automatically assume that your children would be in the same place you left them, they could’ve said something along the lines of that, but instead, they chose to stay silent.

  •  Who contacted the authorities?

Simple question why couldn’t it of been answered I fully don’t understand, this didn’t even need much brain power.

  • What does ” We let her down” mean?

“We let her down” what does that mean you can’t say something like that and not explain your intentions, was this planned? Was it not? “We let her down”

  • Did you ask for a priest?

First of all what the hell is a priest going to do? The police can’t even pick up clues, so what exactly was the priest intentions.

  • What was Madeline’s behavior like?

How could you not answer that, answering a simple question, was she flustered? Excited?? Upset???

  • Is it true that in England you even considered handing over custody to a relative?

This is where it must’ve taken a turn, why would you want to hand over 1 of your 3 children over to a family member, the girl was 3 years old, was she more challenging than the other two or?? Deep it 3 years old or maybe even younger and you wanted to hand her over to someone else? I understand if you was having mental problems or even genuine problems but the fact you’re giving 1 child and not the whole bunch very baffled and confused.

  • Did you have any responsibility or intervention in your daughter’s disappearance?

If you generally didn’t do anything you would’ve answered the question with a simple ‘no’ like any parent would, but instead, they sat there dawdling their fingers saying nothing for why I don’t know.

One of the oddest things about this case is that I feel Gerry McCann hasn’t been very vocal throughout the whole ordeal. We see both faces plastered online, newspapers but he’s a very silent character I feel this shows he has something to hide, it’s always Kate that wants to sue someone, she’s overly vocal and I really think she needs to quieten down now because the whole case was blown out of proportion from the beginning.

If this case was to happen in the U.S.A or U.K they would’ve been done on the day for abandoning their children, I can’t talk about other countries because I have no idea on their laws.

Personally, I find the case ludicrous, absolutely ridiculous. There’s more to life then looking for this one little girl, if this was another child this case would get brushed to the side with the rest of the 140,000 other children, basically if you’re not rich and can’t afford Scotland yard or private detectives you might as well forget your child ever existed. Every 5 minutes another child goes missing, other parents aren’t getting half of the support actually not even a quarter of the support the McCann’s are receiving. Recently I’ve realized a lot of children go missing completely off of the map and all I see is posters go around, Sky news, BBC news, ITV news not one of them flick an eyelid about these other cases, but oh my lord a little girl in Portugal from the UK goes missing the media goes berserk!

Before I go any further I found a website regarding other missing children, and obviously for legal reasons I can’t list names but surely someone out here somewhere must have heard a name ‘Such a small world’ imagine when you go out you must walk past hundreds even thousands of people, does everyone you see look ok? Do they look dysfunctional? Scared? Lost? Frightened? Who knows, asking someone a general question to see if their okay there’s nothing wrong with it, if someone’s acting edgy towards you there could be something wrong even though half of the general public’s attitude stinks towards other people sometimes I hear ” I don’t want to get involved” or “It’s not my business” sometimes think twice before you say this, what if it was your sibling or a friend gone missing? You’d want people to get out there and search high and low, ask questions and so forth. The website I looked at was ( MissingKidsUK) there are kids on there that have just gone missing or have been missing for years and I believe every single one of these kids deserves recognition.

Funny place the UK is, 13 million cameras watching our every move, pin numbered, databased, neighborhood watched, GPS tracking, all this new technology around our wrists, in our hands or on our faces, who knew we could slip away so easily without a trace, weird thoughts just linger on my mind.


In all honesty, I think Madeline is dead and gone, but who knows there have been sightings of her worldwide but not many of these have been caught up with. All these people have gone missing you can’t focus a scheme on one person it’s ridiculous and I’m tired of it, but let’s be honest whether I’m tired or not this case will still continue to be investigated, recently I signed a petition ‘McCanns to be charged with neglect’ and I’m 100% all for it, you can’t leave your kids in a hotel in a foreign country alone, then go out to eat. A babysitter really was needed and couldn’t have been that expensive with their salary I’m pretty sure they could have afforded it, minor mistakes like these and look what the consequences were.

Anyways if this blog post goes far and anyone tries to slap a lawsuit on me can you try again in five years, I’m poor I have no money.

Teeks X