I’m back after six months, whilst I took six months out I was trying to think of new powerful topics to come back with, I had the topic names, but not the true content that will remain inside, I couldn’t think of how to start and intros really loop everything together, yet the simplest of things I just couldn’t seem to think of.

However, Teeks is back better than ever before with my new topic ‘Say their names’ and in the midst of where we are today it needs to be spoken upon.

I’m going to be talking on the black community because that’s what I am BLACK BLACKITY BLACK, racism, discrimination, colourism and whatever else I find suitable, I’ll be adding in links from previous topics where possible as I’ve already blogged about it more deeply and intensely.

This blog will be a mix of my own opinions, it’s your choice to agree or disagree,  and I’ll be including facts and statistics which you can’t argue about because it’s the truth, cry about it if you want but that is your own.

I’ll also add in trigger warnings in, which will be big and bold in red, as I know a lot of the images and videos I’ll be including can be triggering and cause distress, so a warning before you see it as you scroll is fair right?

I was meant to do 10 people from the UK and 10 people from the USA but that’s virtually impossible for me to include everyone, but I’ll try my best to include as many people as I can, however, names you don’t see you will be remembered, all the black people in jail for petty crimes or wrongful convictions from the very organisations that are meant to ‘Protect & Serve’ my heart is with you, all of the black people that are being hidden and ‘secretly’ deported by ICE, when our ancestors BUILT the very land they’re ruling on, turfing and surfing us, putting several bullets through our bodies, choking and killing us, knee to the neck making sure every breath is our last, why because our shade is darker than your own? Our missing black community, no trace no case, maybe a few days in the media that quickly gets kicked under the carpet again whilst our lights go dim, just a hope of going viral on social media to spread awareness and fight for equality & justice, and that is why I’m writing this blog ‘SAY THEIR NAMES’ Say our fucking names in the media, I don’t want to be known as ‘A black young woman has gone missing in London’ ?? What does that do? Do you know how many black girls are in London? When I mean to say their names, pronounce my name properly, if you didn’t say it right the first time I’ll give you time to get there, don’t just call me any random name, my parents didn’t name me for others to pronounce how they like & what they feel comfortable with.




Born: 5th February 1995,
Miami Gardens, Florida
Parents: Sybrina Fulton (Mother)
               Tracy Martin (Father)

In February 2012, Trayvon was visiting his father Tracy Martins in Sanford, Florida after receiving a 10-day suspension due to drug residue in Trayvon’s book bag.

Trayvon’s had gone on a visit to his father’s fiancées townhouse in the retreat of of ‘Twin lakes’ in Sanford, February 26th Trayvon was walking back to the fiancées’ house from a nearby convenience store.

George Zimmerman neighbourhood watch captain in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman calls 911 of reports of a suspicious person in the neighbourhood, Zimmerman was instructed to stay in the vehicle and not approach the person, however, Zimmerman disregards these instructions, moments later there was an altercation, Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin in the chest.

February 27th, Tracy Martin files missing person report as Trayvon didn’t return home the following evening, cops show Tracy Martin an image from the crime scene, he confirmed it as his son Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old African American murdered by George Zimmerman.

The same George Zimmerman who cops did not charge as there was no evidence to disapprove of his version of events, March 14th 2012.

Doesn’t this story sound familiar? No evidence? Minding your business? Asleep in her bed?

The media portrayed Trayvon as a thug which he was certainly not, loved by his family, loved by his friends, loved by a community, his cousin Stephen Martin February 27th, Tracy Martin files missing person report as Trayvon didn’t return home the following evening, cops show Tracy Martin an image from the crime scene, he confirmed it as his son Trayvon Martinho had been at the park the night before telling jokes with Trayvon, Stephen said him and Trayvon were like brothers growing up and said that Trayvon was very skilled at assembling, repairing and riding pocket/dirt bikes, does that seem thuggish to you? When Trayvon was just 9 years old, he saved his fathers life by pulling his father who had been immobilised by burns to his legs, does that see, thuggish to you? Trayvon washed cars, babysat, mowed lawn to make his money, does that see, thuggish to you? OR does that seem like a kid who knows what he wants in life and by any means will work for it?

Critics judged Trayvon based off of his tattoos, do tattoos on black skin make someone any less of a person?

Also, judging off of an EMPTY marijuana bag?

Trayvon was UNARMED & MURDERED those two words shouldn’t even string together in a sentence, unfortunately being black a large majority of the time we’re unarmed yet we’re still killed in an unforgivable & merciless way.

March 20th 2012

A lawyer for the Martin family, Benjamin Crump holds a conference telling reporters that Trayvon was on the phone to his girlfriend at the time she said she heard an altercation, she said she heard someone ask Trayvon what he was doing, Trayvon asked why he was being followed, at that moment Trayvon’s earpiece fell out and the connection went dead.

March 22nd 2012
A petition on calling for the arrest of George Zimmerman, created by the parents of Trayvon Martin surpassed 2.2M signatures, which became the largest in website history.

Back in 2012, was launching 15,000 campaigns a month

The most recent report of 2018:
– Audience, 265.7M
– Signatures, 603.9M
– 25,000 petitions launched every month
– During 2018, 1.6M people promoted petitions

However, it was Sybrina Fulton & Tracy Martins campaign that propelled the site into public consciousness.

Following on from Trayvon’s Martins death, a movement was created on 13th July 2013 called #BLACKLIVESMATTER, an international human rights movement originating in the African American community that campaigns AGAINST violence and systemic racism towards black people. BLM holds protests speaking out against police brutality which is murder, by the way, no matter which way they want to dress it up, racial profiling and racial inequality in the United States of America.

The USA should stand for ‘The Divisive states of America’ nothing United about that country.


The originators of the hashtag and co-founders are Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors & Opal Tometi.


The creation of Black Lives Matter also brought backlash and in response, a further two hashtags were created to discredit the black community, they’re known as #ALLLIVESMATTER & #BLUELIVESMATTER.





  Born: 15th September 1981
          Broadwater Farm, North London

Mark Duggan 29 years old, when he was shot and killed by police in Tottenham, North London 4th August 2011 18:15pm, the metropolitan police stated that officers were attempting to arrest Duggan of suspicions of an attack and that he was in possession of a firearm, the same firearm that was found 14FT away over a wall?

So the police are telling us, the firearm he was ‘supposedly’ in possession with was 14ft away? Over a wall? The lies are tremendous, what a thought process that is!

An inquest jury found the shooting to be ‘lawful’ & the police watchdog didn’t find any wrongdoing by the officer known as V53.

In my eyes this was an unlawful killing, he supposedly picked up a firearm from East London, drove to North London and when the police pulled him over in the taxi, they shot and killed him but in their ideal world the ‘gun’ literally flew over their heads and no one saw it? Ok

Can we look deeply into the two images below, if you don’t see a difference then I must say you’re extremely obtuse and deluded.

Mark Duggan’s death sparked the 2011 Tottenham riots, the biggest riots in modern English history.

The 2011 riots were a series of riots between the 6th August to the 11th August and carried on for a few days, there were several violent clashes with police ensued, along with the destruction of businesses, homes, police vehicles & 4 double-decker buses received a significant amount of damage, the London riots spread like wildfire up and down the country including Birmingham, Bristol, Coventry, Manchester and many other towns and cities around the UK.

The media called the riots copycat energy, I’m sure this is a directive to the Brixton riots in 1995 which only later 5 hours in comparison to the 2011 riots that lasted several days, either way in both situations to black men were murdered by the police.


Today in London's murderous policing history: Wayne Douglas dies ...


1995, Wayne Douglas was in police custody being questioned about a burglary, police reported that he collapsed in Brixton police station due to a heart attack which was revealed on his post mortem, in actual fact, the inquest showed on FOUR different occasions he was handcuffed with his hands behind his back and was being held face down.

I hope they meant copycat behaviour where two black men were murdered by the ‘Protect & Serve’ organisation, how can you kill a man in your custody! This law enforcement organisation need to bake off, how do the police not learn? Once it’s repeated it’s no longer an accident, life isn’t something you can play with, one who commits murder should get the death penalty, I ain’t God but murdering someone you don’t deserve to ‘Start over’. I always get beyond angry when I hear police officers/cops left right and centre being dismissed from a case of misconduct, why should they be let off Scot free but my BLACK brothers and sisters are laying six foot under, due to mistaken identity, raids on properties, unlawful killing, in prison on petty crimes, I will forever be sick to my stomach over the UK & USA justice system forever killing our people no reasonable excuse. Defund the cops, Defund the police & fuck the Feds forever and always.

If you don’t know the full ins and outs regarding Mark Duggan, then please look at the entirety of the case, from the beginning right through to the end, then you can make your own judgements, it was the police, government and publicists flipping the real script to their very own villain story, all police know how to do is falsify information. Lastly, Mark Duggan’s case deserves to be reopened & investigated and so does Wayne Douglas.


Sandra Bland

              Born: February 7th 1987 (28 years old)
        Naperville, Illinois

Sandra Bland was a 28-year-old African American woman who was found hanged in her cell, Waller county, Texas on July 15th just 3 days after being arrested during a pretextual traffic stop.

Sandra’s death was ruled a suicide, this ruling followed by protests against her arrest, disputing the cause of death and racial violence against her.

Brian Encinia, don’t forget his name was the officer who stopped Sandra Bland, Encinia had a history of performing pretextual stops, having issued 1,600 minor tickets in less than 12 months, he performed these in hopes of finding something criminal on said persons.

If an investigation was ever carried out, I would like to know how many minor tickets he gave out to the African American community, because 1,600 tickets in under 12 months, is it crack that you smoke?

Encinia was never indicted on his crime in spite of video graphic evidence of how he treated and spoke to Bland within the heated interaction including “I will light you up” whilst holding a taser, the full video is online including the conversation between Encinia and Bland, Bland’s phone footage was released 4 years after her death which shows a 39-second clip of her view of arrest.

Following new footage, this has prompted calls for a new investigation into her death.

Bland was pulled over for a minor traffic stop, July 10th the exchange resulted in Bland’s arrest and a charge for assaulting an officer, the arrest was partially recorded on Bland’s dashcam, Bland’s phone and also a bystanders phone.

 Minor as in failing to signal, FAILING TO SIGNAL

Texas authorities and the FBI conducted an investigation into Bland’s death and determined Waller county jail did not follow policies including time checks and ensuring that employees had completed mental health training, but the police/Cops are meant to ‘Protect and Serve’?


Sandra BlandIMG_0898CKn4YGqWcAAI8AN

Are you telling me she isn’t dead in these mugshots? Her skin colour has discoloured, she looked like she had been battered, her head is leaning back and on a sideways tilt as if she was lying down her shoulders? Eyes don’t fully focus when you’re dead, half-open eyes which the lower image signifies means she was dead on the top image, on the lower image they either edited the photo or tampered with her body.




         Born: 11th February 1968

Rigg lived in a hostel for people with a forensic mental health history, following a deterioration in mental health, Rigg became uncooperative and aggressive which led to five 999 calls being made within a period of three hours by the hostel staff, the police simply said it wasn’t their issue and that the staff should take it up with their local MP, police eventually responded to calls from members of the public due to ‘strange behaviour’

FOUR police officers gave a chase to Rigg, who was handcuffed and restrained in a face-down position as officers lent on him for eight minutes, 8 whole minutes? Are you seeing how history repeats itself no matter where you’re located in the world? Rigg was arrested for assaulting a police officer, public disorder and ‘theft’ of a passport which was actually his own, Rigg was then placed face down with his legs bent behind him in the caged section of the police van, during the journey to Brixton police station, Riggs mental and physical health was deteriorating & he was extremely unwell, I’ll never in my life forgive these officers,  FOUR officers to one man and to add on top he had mental health issues and they treated him like an animal.

The police LIED to medical examiners on his state, all the officers denied seeing any physical injuries to Rigg, despite the jury seeing several fresh abrasion on his face, and a large bruise on his right shoulder, but the police are meant to ‘Protect & Serve’?

Sean Rigg didn’t utter a single word from the time he got arrested right up until his death, Rigg died in police custody.


Shy Kemmia Pate


   Born: Unadilla, Georgia
                   Missing since: September 4th 1998

You’ve probably never heard of Shy Kemmia Pate, let alone the full story may be because black girls/woman go missing and get lost amid the flurry of attention that our white counterparts receive instead which is true in a sense for example ‘missing white woman syndrome’ a term used by social scientists and media commentators to refer to coverage especially on television of missing cases involving a young white woman from middle/upper-class backgrounds compared to black women, men of lower social classes.

Stories involving missing children have captivated the public since The 80s when widespread panic over stranger snatching, which struck American families in 1984, children had gone missing before but it was in 1984 that their faces began appearing on milk cartons.

Shy was meant to ride with her older sister to a football game that night, however when it was time to go her older sister couldn’t locate her, the county sheriffs, Georgia bureau of investigations & FBI couldn’t locate shy in the following days, weeks, months and years to commence.

The cops incorrectly told her family that a person has to be missing for 24 hours before they could report Shy as missing, they could’ve started the investigation when they first got alerted on the situation, unfortunately, falsifying information had big consequences for Shy’s family as till this day she still has not been found.

Authorities received the various amount of tip-offs but due to no solid evidence they couldn’t go any further with the investigation, neighbours in the area allowed police to search their homes but still no evidence gained.

Shy was described as an outgoing child who loved skating and purchasing new clothes, she was involved with her families church, authorities believe she was abducted by someone she was familiar with however due to extensive search of her area and her neighbours cooperating no new leads, Shy Kemmia Pate is now 30 years old.

Shy was only 8 years old when she went missing, hardly any media attention just a family who hopes she’ll return home one day.

In 2014, the black and missing foundation reported that 64,000 black woman and girls were missing throughout America.

Black Americans only make up 13% of the US population, however, more than 30% of all missing people were black in 2018, according to the US bureau.

Only 1/5 of black missing cases get covered by the news, however, the rest of them are dropped and down to social media to spread the word to gain large traction.

Black families in America have expressed that their missing loved ones aren’t classed as just ‘missing’ but are more likely to be classed as runaways and that somehow they’re not a focus to the police or media.

An analysis of US census data by the New York Times shows that around 1.6M black men are missing from everyday life due to disproportionate incarceration, early ‘deaths’ more presumably murder and overseas deployment.




Stephen Lawrence was born in Greenwich on 13th September 1974 to Jamaican parents who emigrated to the UK in the 1960s.

Bought up in Plumstead, South-East London, eldest out of three.

During his teenager years, Lawrence excelled in running, competing in the local Cambridge harriers athletics club and appeared as an extra in Denzel’s Washingtons film ‘For Queen and country’

Stephen Lawrence was a normal teenager, active social life, school work, family commitments and a dream to become an architect, unfortunately, his dream was cut short when he was murdered in a racially provoked attack 22nd April 1993 at the age of 18.

Lawrence was waiting for a bus home with his friend Brookes, when 5 or 6 white guys crossed the road whilst saying ‘what, what nigger’ they all engulfed him, the attackers forced Lawrence to the ground then stabbed him to the depth of 5cm on each side of his body, the right collarbone and left shoulder, Lawrence was losing blood from four major blood vessels.

Lawrence ran 130 yards as his friend Brookes shouted at him to run to escape the attack, Lawrence collapsed and bled to death.

Two young black boys waiting for a bus home minding their business and one gets stabbed multiple times for minding his business, does that make sense?

After the initial investigation, five suspects were arrested but not CONVICTED. A public inquiry into the handling of Stephen Lawrence’s case was held in 1998, leading to the publication of the Macpherson report which has been called ‘one of the most important moments in the modern history of criminal justice in Britain’

It led to profound cultural changes in attitudes towards racism, to the law and police practice.

Now we’re in 2020, I have every right to question this statement because the UK is still racist, this gets shown on multiple occasions within the media, businesses, in public yet the UK government always deny the fact that they aren’t, I find it incredible that some people see their own ideal fairytale world and not a world we’re facing today, 400+ years ago and in my opinion forever, I want to see justice I want peace but in a very real reality we are not going to get that, I don’t believe all white people are racist but unfortunately, the majority that is overclouding the minority that isn’t.

Dobson NorrisJanuary 2012, 18 years after Stephen Lawrence was murdered, Dorris and Nobson were finally convicted of murder after a 6 week trial into the death, both men received ‘life sentences’ Life sentences in the UK is nothing compared to America, Life sentence in the UK is 15 years and it’s exactly what these two got.

11th April 2018, Scotland yard admit they have no new lines of inquiries into the investigation and will consider closing the case.

Stephen Lawrence was a normal teenager except he was BLACK.

Did you know?

Did you know Presidents’ Day (George Washington’s) birthday was created in 1885 to honour the man who enslaved 316 slaves at his Mt Vernon plantation, George Washington’s dentures were made of ivory and human teeth, yes you read that correct he yanked slaves teeth out and got them moulded into a denture and wore them. 

Did you know, Benjamin Franklin attempted to abolish slavery in 1790, he wanted to promote mercy and justice towards the distressed race but it was immediately denounced by pro-slavery and caused a heated debate in both the house & senate. 

Did you know? Most of the White House was built by slaves 

Did you know? The pyramids in Egypt were built by paid labourers, not slaves that were a myth by Herodotus, the Greek historian. 

Did you know? Slavery was not made a statutory offence in the UK until April 6th 2010, if a criminal forced a victim already inside the UK of from the EU into servitude, they could not be prosecuted for trafficking. 

Did you know? There are more people in slavery today than at any other time in history. 27 million people are enslaved today, more than double the total number believed to have been taken from Africa during the transatlantic slave trade. 

Slavery was abolished in Saudia Arabia & Yemen as recent as 1962, Niger abolished in 1960, Bhutan in 1958, Qatar in 1952 & Kuwait in 1948. 

Did you know around 4 million slaves were taken from Africa to Brazil about 40% of all Americas, some estimate that 4.9M slaves were brought to Brazil from Africa during the period from 1501 to 1866, the most of any country? First sugar, then gold, diamonds, cattle ranching & foodstuff, in 1888 Brazil became the last country in the western world to abolish slavery. 

Did you know, by 1850 American slaves were worth the US $1.3B, one-fifth of the nation’s wealth 




   Born: May 20th 1996
 Ferguson, Missouri
Michael Brown was an ordinary teenager, drank alcohol, smoked marijuana, played video games, active social life his friends & family knew Michael as Big Mike or Mike Mike since was 6’4, despite his height Michael was seen as a gentle giant he shielded himself away from confrontation and used his size to intimidate people from fighting with him, he also embraced Christianity.

On August 9th 2014, 18-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot by 28-year-old Missouri cop Darren Wilson in the city Ferguson. Brown was accompanied by his 22-year-old friend Dorian Johnson, Brown was left in the street to bleed out for hours without any medical attention which sparked outrage in Ferguson and across America.

Article on Darren Wilson Offers Window on His Life After Ferguson ...

Michael Brown was UNARMED

There was an altercation before Brown was shot, Wilson asked Brown not to walk in the middle of the road, the officer reportedly realised Brown was a robbery suspect and stole Cigarillos from a nearby convenience store.

Wilson claimed Brown was ‘violent’ throughout there encounter, even charging at Wilson even after shots had been fired, however a witness said Brown was trying to flee Wilson it’ll never be perfectly clear what happened that day, Brown was trying to flee from Wilson but eventually surrendered with his hands up.

The grand jury and the US Department of Justice didn’t believe there was a sufficient amount of evidence to convict Wilson.   

The Ferguson Unrest protests and riots began the day after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown beginning on August 10th – August 25th 2014. The Ferguson Riots had 3 waves, Augusts were the first, 24th November – December 2nd 2014 (Darren Wilson not indicted) and lastly August 9th – August 11th 2015 (Anniversary of shooting)

August 2014 a makeshift memorial of flowers & candles that the residents made was put in place where Brown died, an unidentified policeman allowed their dog to urinate on the memorial and police vehicle later crushed the memorial.

Michael Brown memorial hit by car, then rebuilt - Los Angeles Times

And the police want to ask us why they’re not respected?

September 2014 a memorial to Michael Brown was burned to the ground.

November 2015, the body of 20-year-old Deandre Joshua was found inside a parked car within a few blocks of where Michael Brown was killed, initially, the cops found it suspicious then ruled the case a homicide, he had been shot in the head and burned.

The question surrounding this case was “Was Deandre Joshua murdered after testifying in Ferguson?”

The incident happened on the same night the grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson.

September 2016, Darren Seals a leader in the Ferguson protests was found shot and killed inside a burning car very similar to Deandre Johnson.


Edward Crawford known for the iconic photograph of him throwing tear gas canister during the protests, Crawford said ” I didn’t throw a burning can back at police, I threw it out the way of children” Crawford died of self-inflicted gun wounds.

August 2015

August 9th the anniversary of Michael Brown’s fatal shooting, peaceful demonstrations occurred and attendants observed four and half minutes of silence signifying the 4 and half hours Brown was left on the streets.

Michael Brown Memorial Removed

August 2016 on the second anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, mourners decided to hold a protest by blocking a roadway, a vehicle later drove through the protestors hitting one and flinging them into the air, protestors then began to shoot at the fleeing vehicle, the injured protestor was brought to the hospital and the driver cooperated with the cops.

As of March 2019, Ferguson protestors have continued to receive threats to their lives or well being, a number have died under circumstances that seem suspicious, this leads to a continuing of mistrust between the cops and community.

We get ushered around by the police every week, 24 hours a day, police putting their dirty hands on us, a kick to the ribs? A knee on the neck? Uncompromised positions to degrade us like we’re animals, speak down to us like we are any less to them, putting so much force on someone during an arrest you leave them paralysed, that must sound familiar, am I right?  if anyone in the police scene is reading this (opps btw) does that sound familiar to you? Victims doES this force sound familiar to you?

Regarding the police leaving someone paralysed, I present to you:


Julian Cole: Police officers sacked for lying about arrest when 19 ...


In 2013 Julian Cole was arrested by SIX police officers outside a nightclub in Bedford, England.


The police broke his neck, he is now paralysed and suffers from severe brain damage.

The same organisation that is meant to ‘Protect and serve’ does that look like protecting and serving?

No one deserves this, Julian was a student at Bedford University studying Sports Science, the police just tear people’s lives away, strip them of everything they were working towards.

Julian cole was involved in a scuffle outside a nightclub called ‘Elements’ on the 5th May 2013, he was just 19 out on the town with friends but was ejected through a side door, he was refused a refund and kept trying to get back in, staff the called the police at 1:34am 6th May.

During one attempt a bouncer took him down but luckily he stood up, at 1:48am he was taken down to the ground by officers Oates, Kalyan and ross then handcuffed whilst his face was down on the ground?

Hypothetically speaking IF the club just gave him his refund I’m sure none of this would’ve happened, how can you chuck someone out and not expect them to get a refund?

THREE OFFICERS lifted him from the ground and took him to a police station.

PC Ross made a call to the ambulance at 2:02am as reports that Julian wasn’t breathing, 30 minutes later they took Julian to hospital and discovered broken vertebrae.

PC Ross made up her account and said that she could see movement in the legs in an attempt to demonstrate she had taken Julian report of neck pain seriously if someone is unconscious then where did you see leg movement??

There’s so much more to this story but the fact is the police lied and tried to cover up the truth, SIX officers on one man that led Julian being left paralysed all down to a nightclub scuffle which wasn’t the fault of the victim.

5 police officers face charges after an athlete student was left ...

Doesn’t this story sound familiar to you?


Police Professional | Olaseni Lewis: Officers cleared of ...


             Olaseni Lewis died on the 4th September 2010 after being restrained by 11 police officers whilst he was seeking help as a vulnerable voluntary patient at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, Croydon.

Lewis was admitted early in the evening of 31st August 2010 & had been at the hospital for only a few hours before the incident occurred. 

11 officers pinned down a black man who was experiencing mental health issues, he never regained consciousness, so 11 officers took it upon themselves to restrain a man at a mental health hospital. The family claims he was held face down for 40 minutes, doesn’t this story sound a bit dear to previous ones? 

2017, 6 police officers involved in the death of a man subjected to excessive and prolonged restraint at a mental health hospital in London have been cleared of wrongdoing over death.

Who knew it takes 12 weeks to become a police officer, put a police uniform on and becoming part of the biggest gangs that you can just kill people and get cleared off of an entire case. 

Lewis who was 23 died 3 days after an excessive amount of restraint, he had NO HISTORY of violence or mental health he had been taken to the hospital by his parents after an episode of mental ill-health that began over the bank holiday weekend. 

The police tried to lock him in a seclusion room, that’s when his behaviour changed he sustained injuries during this altercation. 

A doctor called the police in assistance to detain Lewis after he attempted to leave, don’t work in an organisation where you know you have to deal with difficult clients if you can’t handle the pressure, instead of Lewis to be receiving care and help he was met with incompetent staff with them being so undertrained they called the police on someone who had 0 histories of mental health. 


What We Know About Eric Garner Death - Business Insider


July 17th, 2014, Eric Garner was murdered on the streets of New York by a police officer Daniel Pantaleo put him in a chokehold whilst arresting him, chokeholds have been illegal in New York since 1993. Video footage captured by Ramsey Orta of the incident generated widespread national attention and raised questions about the appropriate use of force by law enforcement. 

NYPD suspected Garner of selling single cigarettes without tax stamps, Garner expressed how he was tired of being harassed by the cops, and that he was not selling cigarettes, the officers attempted to arrest Garner as soon as Pantaleo placed his hands on Garner, Garner pulled his arms away, Pantaleo then placed his arm around garners neck and wrestled him to the ground. 

With multiple officers pinning him down, Garner said ‘I can’t breathe’ 11 times whilst lying down on the sidewalk. 


Ex- NYPD cop who put Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold sues to get ...

December 4th 2014, a Richmond County grand jury decided not to indict Pantaleo. This decision stirred public protests and rallies with charges of police brutality, by December 28th there had been 50 demonstrations had been held nationwide in response to the Garner case. 

July 13th 2015, an out of court settlement was announced in which the city of New York would pay the Garner family 5.9M. 

2019 the US department of justice declined to bring criminal charges against Pantaleo. 

But wasn’t the chokehold made illegal from 1993 in New York? 

Pantaleo was fired on August 19th 2019, more than five years after Garner’s death. 

Ramsey Orta was arrested for taking the video of Eric Gardner which received worldwide attention, he was arrested in 2015 and was  released on 28th May 2020

Are YOU seeing a pattern between each case?

Edson Da Costa

Edson Da Costa: Young father restrained by police died by ... 


Edson Da Costa was a 25-year-old black Portuguese man who died on 21 June 2017 after being stopped by police in Beckton, the unclear circumstances of his death led to protests. 

Da Costa was put face down in the prone position, with his arms handcuffed behind his back, hit twice and sprayed with CS gas. 

In June 2019 an inquest jury found that da Costa died by misadventure from the consequences of a cardiorespiratory arrest after he placed a plastic bag containing 88 wraps of class A drugs down his throat. 

Rashan Charles

Police officer investigated over death of 20-year-old father ...


Rashan Charles, a 20-year-old black British man, died on 22nd July 2017 following contact from the metropolitan police in Dalston. 

Charles died after being chased and restrained by a police officer and swallowing a ‘supposed’ package containing caffeine and paracetamol. 

The officer who wore a body can throw Charles to the ground held him down by the neck and tried to reach inside his throat, a member of the public helped the police to further restrain him. 

First of all, if someone is choking you don’t restrain them, and then bring your longhand to stick down their throat, sticking your hand down someone’s throat whilst there’s something lodged in there will actually shove it further down causing said persons to choke. 

Also to the member of the public that tried to ‘help’ the police officer I hope you know that you assisted into murder. 

Charles became ill, was given emergency treatment at the scene and was taken by ambulance to Royal London Hospital where he died later that morning, the object of a package the police officer thought he saw in Charles’s mouth was reportedly recovered at the scene.

Alexis Patterson



Born: April 4th 1995
          Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Seven years old, Alexis resided with her mother (Ayanna) & stepfather (LaRon Bourgeois) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

May 3rd 2002, LeRon watched Alexis walk towards the playground then to school, he then turned around and walked back to his residence.

Alexis didn’t attend any lessons that day…students reported seeing her crying in the playground before and after school.

She has never been heard from since.

Ayanna and LeRon were not notified of Alexis’s non-attendance until 3pm that day. They initially believed Alexis didn’t attend classes due to an argument they had over Alexis not completing her homework and that she was not allowed to bring in cupcakes the next day as it was her snack day to bring something in.

Alexis was not known to be a runaway, she had perfect attendance prior to the disappearance.

The surrounding areas were searched immediately after Alexis went missing, investigators canvassed Washington park, divers searched the lagoon, nothing came back.

Investigators announced that Alexis Patterson’s case would go from ‘missing child’ to ‘Criminal investigation’ by May 14th.

Alexis father (Kenya Campbell) was imprisoned in Milwaukee at the time of Alexis’s disappearance, he was released 3 days after and cooperated with authorities as well as Ayanna & LeRon.

LeRon has a criminal history as well, however, the investigators announced that they don’t believe either Kenya or LeRon were involved with the disappearance of Alexis.

Ayanna describe LeRon as abusive and threatening towards her, but the case was dropped, a year after Ayanna went missing, in 2003 LeRon failed a polygraph test & was charged for an unrelated crime, he had a domestic with Ayanna as she was trying to leave him for a while, he was ordered to stay away from her.

In September 2002, investigators announced that there was foul play involved, but as of 2020 Alexis Patterson is still missing, she would be 25 now, someone out there knows something, a scar under her right eye, a bump on her left pinky finger.

Someone out there knows something.

Kenneka Jenkins

Commentary: Kenneka Jenkins case was a nightmare for family but it ...


Anyone else remembers seeing this on twitter? But like you saw it on twitter first before any news headline, yeah? Because that was me too.

It’s funny all these stories about the black community that deserve to be on the news yet get dusted numerous amount of times under the carpet like we have to come on social media to find out what else is happening in the world, I’m a full believer in believing the news is controlled, the media definitely show us what they want us to see, but in reality, I want to see every last nitty-gritty detail, but nope I have to go onto Twitter to see who’s been murdered now by the police, who’s case is being classed as a suicide instead of a murder in a communal area with apparently no CCTV? No witnesses? Hung from a tree? A black man? Hung from a tree? Lynched even? I don’t believe it. 

I have to go on Instagram, to find out another person in my community has been choked to death? By seeing a constant viral video but if I turn on channel 4 news, you guessed it, no sign of said story on my local operator. 

A girl climbed into a freezer? And there was no CCTV? 


Kenneka Jenkins was celebrating with friends at a party that took place at Crowne Plaza room 926 Chicago, the party started at 11:30pm September 8th 2017. 

An acquaintance who arrived at the party noticed Jenkins swaying back & forth as she embraced him in a hug, several witnesses reported Jenkins of drinking cognac but denied her doing any marijuana or any other drugs. Another witness reported that Jenkins wasn’t acting her usual self, she would dance a little then go to sit down and appeared sad. Jenkins was briefly seen walking around the hotel, camera footage showed of Jenkins staggering near the front desk at 3:20am. 

At 4:20 Jenkins friends contacted Teresa Martin who turned up at the hotel at 5:30am, banging on doors from the top floor to bottom, hotel employee rang 911 due to complaints, hotel management, in addition, said they could not provide video footage from the night before until someone reported Jenkins missing to the police, who officially reported her missing to hotel management at 1:15pm Saturday. The first check of camera footage at 10pm, police spotted footage of Jenkins stumbling through the hotel, her whereabouts remained unknown…until they found her in the hotel freezer pronounced dead at 12:48am Sunday. 

Kenneka Jenkins was found lying face down on her side, with one shoe off, no sign of trauma just a small cut on her foot. The temperature inside was 1° approximately 2 hours after the doors had been left open. 

The investigation of this case is very unnerving. 

The freezer was described as a walk-in freezer, it was also on in an unused kitchen, lights were off in both chambers. 

Why was the freezer on? And why was it on in unused kitchen space? 

Motion detecting cameras showed Jenkins staggering through the hotel drunk apparently intoxicated, eventually arriving at the kitchen, but the freezer door had no CCTV footage. 

Jenkins friends story inconsistencies kept on changing, her ‘friends’ left her alone in a hotel to go back and retrieve a phone from one of the hotel rooms, her friends left her, if her friends didn’t leave her it would be at a very high percentage that this ‘accident’ wouldn’t have happened if the camera was above the freezer door and inside the freezer would the investigation still be open? Would there of been more ‘people of interest’ it’s a hotel, you’re telling me no one saw her? Why is their not CCTV in every inch of that hotel? Is someone hiding something? So many avenues to this case, should’ve, could’ve, would’ve but the police closed the case on October 20th 2017, 42 days that’s how brief the case was, a 19-year-old girl goes missing at a hotel, she’s found in a freezer? And that’s how short the case was, the authorities can do more and should do more!




February 23rd, Ahmaud Arbery an unarmed 25-year-old African American black man fatally shot whilst jogging, Arbery had been pursued and confronted by two white residents Travis McMichael & his father Gregory who was armed and driving a pickup truck, a satila shores resident recorded the murder known as William Bryan. 

Neither the son nor father were arrested or charged with a crime until late May, even though Gregory ADMITTED to the police that Travis was responsible for the crime, the truth was right there and the authorities denied it.

Ahmaud Arbery was hit with a truck before he died, and his killer ...

This story was spoken about internationally

The death and events have sparked debates concerning lack of racial equality, doesn’t this story sound familiar to one from across the pond? 

After an article put out by the New York Times, the release of the video of the February confrontation that was leaked on 5th May & increased attention from lawmakers, celebrities, civil rights activists, Georgia bureau of investigations finally stepped in. 

Arbery can be seen running down the street when he comes across a truck parked in the middle of the street, a white man is standing beside the driver’s door brandishing a firearm, Arbery attempts to go around but struggled, moments later gunshots are fired and Arbery falls to his knees. 

Since the video leaked, national political figures demanded justice for Ahmaud Arbery, the likes of Joe Biden, Lebron James & Ava Duvernay, many compared Arbery’s death to Trayvon Martin, Botham Jean, maybe even Stephen Lawrence. 

On June 24th, they indicted the Mcmichaels & Bryan on nine counts each, including, Felony Murder, Malice Murder, aggregated assault, false imprisonment, and criminal attempt to commit imprisonment, 74 days it took for the Mcmichaels to be arrested and charged. 




Every day that passes by, every week, every month, every year, a black person has been shot and killed by the authorities, remember‘ To protect & Serve’ Breonna Taylor went to sleep one night and didn’t wake up the next day due to police storming her apartment and shooting her 8 times. 

Attorneys for Breonna Taylor's family claim officers involved in ...

Breonna Taylor 26-year-old African American emergency medical technician was fatally shot by Louisville police department.

March 13th 2020, plainclothes cops entered Taylor’s apartment with the ‘no-knock search warrant’ Gunfire was exchanged between Kenneth Walker (Breonna’s boyfriend) & the cops, Walker believed that the officers were intruders, over 20 shots fired and Breonna received 8 of them. 

Police stated that they announced themselves before entering the apartment & knocking several times, yet they had a no-knock search warrant? Neighbours and Taylor’s family dispute this 

The police were searching for drugs at the apartment, even though the drug search was unrelated to the Taylors, it was relatable to two offenders down the street. 

The case was never about Breonna Taylor, yet they still raided her apartment? They lied on their statements making it out to the public that they did announce themselves, yet no one else heard this? No neighbours heard anything, yet you forced your way into their apartment gone midnight? 

This case made international news headlines, and is still strong today because we want answers, justice and most of all equality! 

You shoot someone 8 times and doesn’t think her family want justice, or her community wants justice? Never mistake the black community as any lesser than white counterparts because we can put up a fight and we will get justice for Breonna Taylor 

This year Breonna celebrated her birthday in heaven when she should’ve been on earth living her moment, starting a new age, enjoying with family and just living and being free, but instead, the justice system never gives our community the easy road to justice, we are fighting, showing emotion, protesting all in the right to be equal, why can cops kill us but when it’s time for us to stand up and fight back we are doing too much? SWAT teams come out, rubber bullets flying into crowds of people, tear gas being thrown at such close proximity? Police cars being ploughed through 100s of peaceful protesters? 

Here's where Breonna Taylor's case stands now - CNN

All lives don’t matter until black lives matter 

“I’m not a racist but” 

“My kid’s dad is black, and my child is mixed so I can’t be racist”

“I have black friends so I can’t be a racist” 

There’s no counterproductive argument to racism, racism isn’t an opinion it’s just facts.

There’s no ‘but’ 

Because it’ll always be BUT your racist

Racism is taught, racism is engrained into toxic minds who only see one fit of race and it isn’t black and it certainly isn’t an ethnic minority. 

You can ask a racist why they’re racist and the response is very much down to class, where they compare yourselves to them, they don’t see us as equal. 

In 2019 there were only 27 days of 2019 where police in the USA did not kill someone, yet people are against defunding the police? 

Police have killed 576 people in the USA in 2020 regarding I’m typing this (27th June 22:03) this figure could change by the time you’ll read this. 

Black people are 3 times more likely to be killed by the police than their white counterparts. 

99% of police killings by police between 2013 to 2019 have not resulted in officers being charged in the crime. 

Let me repeat myself in a chart format so everyone understands in reading format and seeing format, there is no accountability and that is one problem within many: 





May 25th 2020, George Floyd a black African American, 46 years old was restrained & arrested in the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota over suspicions of using a counterfeit $20 bill. Derek Chauvin a white police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes, whilst Floyd was handcuffed and lying face down repeatedly saying ‘ I can’t breathe’ Officers J. Alexander Kueng & Thomas Lane further restrained Floyd whilst another officer Tou Thao prevented bystanders from intervening. 

George Floyd: All four former Minneapolis Police officers involved ...

During the final 3 minutes, Floyd was motionless & had no pulse, Chauvin didn’t remove his knee until medics instructed him too even though onlookers pleaded with him he ignored and continued. 

Every single black live murdered, lynched, shot, they all had a life before death, death took away, each and every person mentioned here all have families, aspirations, goals, but the sheer hatred of white counterparts don’t let some of us see so far ahead in life. 

George Floyds daughter will have to grow up without a dad, a mother can’t teach their child everything, a mother can’t have the same bond a father can with their child, a bond is now shattered over a counterfeit bill, does that mean his life was not valued at all or it was valued to a $20 bill? 

Whilst George Floyd’s death is extremely sad, we must thank a brave onlooker who recorded the whole incident, Darnella Frazier 17 years old, she received online hate as trolls said why didn’t she step in to help



Minneapolis cop charged in George Floyd death – The Bay Observer

8 whole minutes.


Police in the USA killed 120 people since George Floyd.

20 days, 120 lives

Every day I am reminded that the ‘UK isn’t racist’ but every time I hear those very words it’s always from someone that isn’t of my complexion let alone part of my community, I always wonder how backwards you must be to say a country isn’t racist when it’s displayed every day, I hear white people call other white people ‘niggers’ ?? it doesn’t even make sense, some white people know they’re racist though because they’ll be around a black person and be stuttering to say nigga but earlier on in the day when you were around your own people I’m sure it would be rolling off of their tongue easily.

The Media shows racism every day

Football games shows racism every match

The government show racism every second that they can

  • Boris Johnson has called gay men ‘Bum boys’ & compared Muslim woman to letterboxes
  • Boris Johnson labelled black Africans ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘Watermelon smiles’
  • Boris Johson also suggested that Malaysian women only go to university ‘to find men to marry’
  • Boris Johnson has recently suggested that he understood the anger black people felt in the UK’s history
  • In 2002 a column was written Boris said “The problem is not that we were once in charge, the problem is that we aren’t anymore

Must I go on?

And this is some people’s favourite prime minster?

Racist, Homophobic?

I have the source if anyone would like to come forward and tell me the UK isn’t racist, I have time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How many more of us have to be murdered before they realise we matter as well?

Do they even see us as people or just a number to the system?

Between 2013-2019, police in the United States have killed 7,666 black people.


This country & USA and the citizens take everything as a joke

Breathing is such a privilege that our white counterparts think it’s clearly a joke.


If racism doesn’t exist, then what’s the difference between these 3 images?


If racism doesn’t exist, then I wouldn’t need to fight for justice every day for these people, if racism didn’t exist then I wouldn’t need to attend protests if racism doesn’t exist then all these people would still be existing and living, but the colour of our skin gives us our own life expectancy and it’s a short-haul for some of us.

Apologies if my blog is everywhere, but this is one of the hardest blogs I’ve ever had to write, there are so many names to say, so many stories about each person, the stories make them different, but the bottom line is everyone mentioned in this blog victim wise is black, and the instigators, interrogators and murderers are white.

I have mentioned as much as I can here but feel free to read my other blogs that are related to this one:

Access Denied

Colourism, Racism & Discrimination

Since George Floyd died and even before there were so many police brutalities mainly in America compared to the UK, this happens in the UK as well everyone likes to think because the UK hasn’t legalised guns that we are any different, America is 40 times the size of the UK that is the difference, but the UK has a fair share of police brutalities, I’m also annoyed at how the government truly believe that the UK isn’t racist, Go on any post regarding black people good/bad, you will see the racists alive and kicking at 7am, we have the EDL led by Tommy Robinson a far-right Islamophobic, he hates Muslims, he hates anyone that doesn’t agree with his terms and conditions about them, people in the EDL group have even called the group racist yet apparently the UK isn’t racist? Some people love to see racism as a competition, like ‘America is more racist than the UK’ ?? Since when did racism become a competition? It doesn’t matter where or which country is more racist the bottom line is RACISM has no place in society, I haven’t included everything I could possibly want in this blog, however, I added what I thought stood a good chance, I’m not google the rest of what I’ve missed is on the internet free of charge. 

I’ve gone past the stage of angry, I’ve gone past the stage of hurting because I’ve seen everything I never thought I’d encounter, I just want JUSTICE, EQUALITY & FREEDOM. 

I want justice and peace for everyone but most importantly my community first, the injustices that we have endured from 1619 all the way up until 2020, the injustices our ancestors were facing during slavery, being raped by the white man, being caned by the white man, being whipped whilst out picking cotton, Black Friday? Buying slaves for cheaper to assist other slaver traders in aid during the winter months? Now we’ve adopted Black Friday into our society where shopping is cheaper, we are buying into a now holiday tradition but it originally dates back to slavery. We can’t forget the white women that gave their children to slaves so their babies could eat and having no breast milk left for their own, the wickedness kissing my teeth as I typed that.

We are now in 2020, slavery still exists it might of been abolished but it’s still there in the shadows, we still face racism, discrimination, colourism but instead of slavery we get shot, we get kneeled on, we get choked, stop and searched, treated like animals, we just face accusations from Karen’s, it’s always the Karen ladies that find an acting degree within 2 seconds, so over reactive, everyday ‘get out my country’ but my country says England so where should I go? Always hear ‘but the uk ain’t that racist to America’ Racism is racism, no matter which way you put it, racism ain’t a competition of which country gets more, the bottom line is racism is wrong. 

I’m judged by the colour of my skin isn’t that just weird? If I could change my colour I wouldn’t, I face injustices because of my skin.

I’ve stopped discussing  racism with people who don’t understand, or people who don’t see colour or people who tell me ‘I’m not racist but’ it’s not me you’ll try and justify racism too,  don’t classify me as ‘blacks’ or say ‘half casts’ to me because what is that? You can’t call me a nigga and justify that, you can’t kill a member of my family by restraint and justify that, you can’t shoot someone 8 times and justify that, you can’t shoot someone 40 times and justify that, why is someone receiving 8 shots to the chest, you don’t think they’re dead after the 2nd? I’ve stopped discussing topics with people who believe every wrong action is justifiable.

Someone said to me ‘The horses that got attacked at the London riots by those people is disgusting, how can people attack animals?’ HOW CAN PEOPLE HATE SOMEONE FOR THE COLOUR OF THEIR SKIN? When the grand nationals are on television every year, I don’t hear no complaints about the horses that are injured and die there but apparently if it’s black people fighting for justice it’s wrong, the police brought a horse with prosthetic legs to the protest, you don’t think the animal has suffered enough? Who brings horses to protests, it was a protest not a riot by the way,

Who brings horses to protests, horses have been attacked before so why are the police not learning their lessons? A horse was let loose in London during the riots and injured a young black woman, don’t bring an animal to a protest if you can’t control them, including dogs police officers know exactly how to rile a dog to make it further attack you.

Racism isn’t a point of view, racism is taught from early, it’s engrained.

I don’t have time to unteach racism, why should I stress myself out on teaching you why racism is wrong?

You cannot educate someone who doesn’t have the willingness to learn.

‘Black on black’ crime is a clever concept purely used to weaponise & demonise one race, all other races are free to commit because white on white crime doesn’t exist clearly, black on black crime does not exist it was construed to highlight the black communities wrong doings

“I don’t see colour but black on black crime exists”

Funny how these people don’t see colour then next thing you know they’ve picked up an eye prescription and can all of a sudden see black on black crime.

Isn’t it funny how they’ve called each and everyone on these lynchings ‘suicide’ the authorities are quick to class it as something else to just close the case, so you’re telling me no one saw these people commit suicide from a tree in a communal area at night? No CCTV footage? Or footage not available to the public? I always question the answers.


Kendrick Johnson found rolled up in a gym mat decapitated with his organs missing, the police ruled that as suicide? Do you know how dense you have to be to believe that was suicide?

Justice for Kendrick Johnson

Peppered spray to death? Is that justifiable behaviour? 

Justice for Jamal Edwards

Killed by police in front of his 4 year daughter and girlfriend, whilst reaching for his ID, is that justifiable?

Justice for Philandro Castillo

Protesting peacefully in downtown Omaha and murdered by white supremacists?

Justice for James Scurlocks

It’s not just the police killing us, it’s white doctors ignoring are cries of pain and telling us to go home and focus on something else, it’s white judges issuing out life sentences, it’s white citizens being able to freely kill us on the street.

America have a gun/accountability problem

England have an accountability problem

The exact same happens in the UK, we just don’t have a gun problem.

Say their names

Jonathan Ferrell
Brandon Webber
Christoper Kassa

If you can’t stand a few days of protests, you’d hate 400+ years of systemic discrimination and oppression.

I’m black I don’t have privilege, I don’t get equal opportunities, I don’t get the same life expectancy on this earth opposed to my white counterparts, I always got told “you’ll have to work 10x harder” Doctors treat my body as like it’s a game of operation, they don’t believe I’m sick, they don’t believe my pain.

I don’t believe all white people are racist but it’s the minority that outshines the majority that isn’t.

It’s white people who have made my life harder and made my communities life unbearable to live, we just want equality, justice and freedom.

Until we get that ‘NO JUSTICE NO PEACE’



















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